Details Emerge Regarding Wargaming's Upcoming F2P FPS, Shatterline

Has several modes, including 8v8 PvP battles and co-op with random encounters.

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GamingIntel's Tom Henderson has provided details about upcoming title Shatterline from World of Tanks developer Wargaming, which he described as "a first-person 8v8 multiplayer title featuring classic multiplayer gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Free for All." The game will supposedly be free-to-play and be available on PC and current-generation consoles.

Without providing any images -- or a general source for any of his information, other than "sources that wish to remain anonymous" -- Henderson called the art style of Shatterline a little more cartoonish than games like Apex Legends or XDefiant. The game runs on Amazon's Lumberyard engine, which is currently being utilized for New World.

In its current alpha testing form, Shatterline has eight characters and a bunch of weapon customization options -- some that affect gameplay and others that are purely cosmetic.

In addition to the standard PvP modes mentioned above, Shatterline apparently has two co-op modes as well. Expedition sees players completing a number of objectives around a "massive map with randomly generated encounters, each more challenging than the last." As the encounter difficulty rises, so do the rewards.

There's also Blitz mode, which Henderson described as "Shatterline's campaign co-op mode," and "a quick in-and-out experience, at around 15 minutes per level." Finally, Henderson said that there's a PvP Escort mode, which resembled a similar mode in Overwatch, where "attackers must lead a slug-like monster to the entrance of a laboratory."

Obviously, since there's no source mentioned for any of this, it should all come with an appropriately sized grain of salt. However, given the scope of the details provided, it's hard to imagine it being fabricated. Also, we've known that Wargaming branch DPS Games has been working on a free-to-play shooter title since at least last year, and the company has secured the Shatterline trademark, so it all seems to carry a healthy amount of legitimacy.

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