The wait is finally over — Valve officially launched Dota 2 yesterday on Steam, after a lengthy beta. Hurrah!

Well, actually… the wait is kind of over.

Valve is “rolling out” access to the game in waves, so as not to overload its server infrastructure during the usual crush of players that new games tend to suffer from. Right now, you can “queue up” for the game via Steam and, sometime over the next week or so, you should receive access. The process is detailed on the Dota 2 site.

It’s an interesting approach, to be sure, and — if viewed objectively — should do a fine job of mitigating the server issues that many new online games have during their launch. “Objective” isn’t a word often applied to gamers, though, so it won’t be surprising to see a lot of rancor at this method, which might make players wait for days before being able to jump into the game proper.

Also, from a player’s standpoint, is this approach an improvement over the usual long queues that new games tend to have? Is it better to wait several hours a night for the first week or so of a game’s launch or to be shut out completely for a few days before getting unlimited access?

In any case, it’s an intriguing experiment, and if it goes well — from a technology and player satisfaction standpoint — it wouldn’t be surprising to see other online games adopt a similar approach for their launches.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. DOTA 2 is trash. It’s very unbalanced whoever says it’s not is probably use to only playing as the unbalanced characters and think it’s their skill rather than game balance. You guys clearly don’t know how to be objective. In a competitive game like this you have to have perfect balance and I’m sorry to say they are not yet to even League of Legend standard.

  2. Omigod,lol is not a *bad cartoonish game.It is a casual game for CASUAL gamers.Dota2 and HoN have unbalanced gameplay when somebody gets fed.Also,LoL after the graphical improvements,its graphics are good enough but not so awesome as the max graphics of Dota2 :).So STOP PLAYING ONLY HON AND GO PLAY SOME OTHER MOBAS…………IT WILL BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR U BELIEVE ME………Then you will be able to make CORRECT comments.

  3. LoL = cartoon bad game
    Dota2 = good looks unfixed gamplay (but they will fix it ) big minus Steam only
    Heroes of Newarth = good looks good balance non steam = BEST

  4. played this game for about a week already, heroes can be broken like people has said a long time ago.
    but other wise dont touch this game if u dont want to slam your head into the monitor.
    matchmaking is broken and as a beginner i was often qued up with lvl 15s where iam just simply a lvl 1 noob

  5. Dont forget who is the original creator of DotA.

    And still DotA is DotA, and LoL is LoL. Absolutely 2 different games

  6. why compare Dota2 to LOL when they are different? Instead compare Dota2 to old dota?? since they are the same. zzzzzzz. just play what you want and STFU! wahahahahhaha.

  7. I think the reason people think DotA 2 and others are harder than League is because the matchmaking system is broken. When I played DotA I got matched with people who had already played for a while, and I got completely stomped. At least League actually matches you with people at your skill level.

  8. Don’t forget, the MOBA Pro’s for League thinks dota suxx because it all about who can get the more “Broken” champs <3

  9. why is everyone comparing dota 2 to lol? Everyone knows LoL can never be as great as dota/dota 2. As LoL is for 5 year old girls and newbies, dota/dota 2 is for the skilled players. There’s no skill in LoL only cartoony graphics. I played LoL and I uninstalled it after 2 rounds. The graphics were so cartoony and childish I feel like a call of duty kid from xbox live. If you want a challenge and better gameplay play dota 2. LoL’s player database are newbies, girls and kids. its because the gameplay is easy to understand.

    • What a silly statement. Dota 2 is going to be a direct competitor to LoL, so basically, both games are going to fight for the same playerbase, i.e., mostly males between 15 to 25.

    • Remember the early times when Riot is encouraging people to play DotA? It was written in the old FAQ when LoL is just starting.

      • More like Riot was originally promoting themselves to DotA players, by telling them about their origins (Guinsoo & Pendragon ring any bells?) and telling them how LoL was a game which removed many of WC3’s limitations, as well as mechanics which they deemed “anti fun/too passive”, such as denying.

        Fast forward a few years, and Riot no longer cares about appealing to the DotA playerbase, however they did see a threat in Dota 2, hence all the copyright issues and attempts to stop professional gamers fielding teams for games other than LoL.

        I do believe both games will be able to co-exist for a number of years…whether one will emerge triumphant over the other (and the other closes down), only time will tell.

  10. Both games take skill no matter what any of you say, It’s either you’re good, or you’re bad. If everyone in the game is good there is no such thing is a TIE, it comes down to who is better and can win. Now about which game is better or not? It’s not for any of us to decide, because at the end of the day you play one or the other because YOU like it, if you play both fine. EVERY game has kids playing it, so stop talking about how one is for kids. -.-

        • same as in dota. Real pros earn cash through tournaments and more popular and competitive games hold more tournaments with bigger cash prizes. If everyone is a pro in leagues then why we don’t have many pro teams in the lcs and such?

          When I mean bigger I mean in popularity, amount of tournaments and cash prizes.

  11. Dont compare League of Legends and Dota2 pls Dota2 is much harder (losing gold when die, denying and lot of other stuff) but League of Legends can be more relax and funnier for some people i think both games are good but i still play more LoL because i like buying new champions and i want achieve something while in Dota2 u can play as who u like.

    • Finaly some one who dosent compare lol and dota 2 (thumb up) . same here i play both dota 2 is hrader lol is more fun and normal .i mean realy why compare those games both were made to play not to be like hey lets beat league of legends and be the best by:dota 2 or hey lets beat dota 2 and be the best by:lol no its more like this both:lets make a game were people will play and have fun and lets be popular so people play it more and stuff ( how i think)

  12. Is there something wrong with you bro? Hey you reposted one of my comments on your comment! I said “yoyo” 😛 haha lolz..wait do not spam anymore please. -Thank you

  13. I have played Dota 2 for about 100 hrs and i usto play LoL alot i mean im gold ranked but dota has its ups and downs sure some items are unbalanced and some champs BUT it has better things like graphics alot of champs to pick from for free and other things that are good like the TF2 system with items for characters and levels to help with that. dont bitchtalk it play it if you dont like it ohwell others do.

    • Wrong. It’s more difficult than League of Legends. LoL, is a friendly game to introduce your friends to MOBA, but DOTA is where it really is. >:)

        • Leaue of losers, the game that has a bigger and better competitive scene than the so acclaimed competetive dota, ironic.

          • Bigger and better competitive scene? Oh! You mean when Riot attempted to force e-sports team to drop support on their sub-teams for other Hero Defence-style games?

  14. I think this is a smart move on Valve’s part. And of course a lot of people are going to be upset about this. But I’d rather wait a tad longer to play a game that is more stable then to be constantly disconnected due to server crashes from a population explosion or w/e. As for the people that are gonna cry about this, grow up. The world doesn’t revolve around you.


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