The free-to-play Action MMO Dragon Nest will no long be published by NEXON in North America after September 27. As of that date, EYEdentity games will be taking over publication responsibilities of its game in the region.

As part of what EYEdentity is calling the “Rebirth of Dragon Nest,” the company has revealed a few things that will be added when the publishing responsibilities switch hands. Following the changing of the guard on the 27th, a new website will launch on September 28. The site can be found at us.dragonnest.com, but not it will not be live until the above date.

At the same time, a new update will arrive introducing a new Level cap of 93, a new world zone, and a new class. EYEdentity will also be rewarding North American players with a few goodies. These include the player’s choice of one of three costume sets from the shop and cash item packages containing several shop items. Previous players with NEXON accounts will receive those things as well as some additional items. These include a new flag with the EYEdentity games logo and a special title.

Finally, there will be some celebratory events rewarding leveling up, creating guilds, completing missions… and yes, even logging in.

Details on what to expect from the transfer — including the new terms and policies — can be found on the current Dragon Nest site.

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    • There could be a chance it might happen since it’s changing hands but I wouldn’t hope for it to happen but it’s being transfered from nexons servers to eyedentitys servers so anything could happen but I wouldn’t get your hopes up if I was you.

  1. I never heard of EYEdentity games but it sounds like the developer for dragons nest had it with nexons BS. I mean nexon has some great games at their disposal in my opinion but they are lame when it comes to catering to the players they just want the profits.

    • Like any other publisher. Though Nexon is still not bad, compared to most other devs/pubs. Eyedentity is actually a collab between veteran gamers, who wanted to make their own publishing company. So who knows… by gamers for gamers eh? Let’s hope it’s not total shit.

      • It would really take talent to be worse than nexon at this point, having played their games and experiencing their amazing customer service (/s), I will gladly play the games that they lose their grimy clutches on

      • Theres a few games I like from nexon like first assault 1st person shooter and maybe riders of icarus but yeah hopefully eyedentity games is better then nexon.

        • I know plenty of companies worse then nexon. Like artix entertainment but that’s because they refuse to do consider ideas that are profitable. And Aeria games is stupid and gameforge is horrible.

        • Nexon isn’t that bad no. I can think of a whole list of others that are much worse (aeriagames, gameforge, perfect world entertainment, gpotato, my.com, gamigo). The majority being in the EU and US… which is quite sad. Since Asia makes some bad games and the West has terrible publishers… absolutely no balance there.

          • western publishers are the worst, even worse than those in asia. it’s just that most asian companies dont want to take the time and effort to publish and maintain their own games. so yeah, there’s no balance like you said.

            some shitty games from asia (not all) and some shitty developers in the west. the mmo market is doomed

        • Well Artix entertainment does do some profitable ideas time to time but 98% of the time they are just bad at making profitable ideas and on one of their games they sometimes make no money certain months and only have like 100 people or less playing it according to one of the developers social media. I thought they would of considered shutting it down due to how bad it’s failing. But yeah the west is horrible at publishing games from what I’ve seen and I can agree with that.


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