The day long anticipated has finally arrived — almost. After announcements (in 2012!), delays, cancellations, guarantees, trolling, and more than a little ribbing of Magicman and his love for the game, it’s now official (again): Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the West.

At today’s Xbox presentation at E3, fans — or is that phans? — were treated to a trailer that touted “Japan’s greatest online RPG,” which will arrive with “online action combat with cross-play” (between Xbox and PC), “all the content,” “all the bosses and epic battles,” and will be “all free to play.” I haven’t even been looking forward to this game for most of this decade, and that trailer even pumped me up.

(Speaking of people who have been looking forward to it, though: I texted Magicman as soon as the trailer was revealed, about half an hour ago, and he hasn’t responded. Frankly, I’m worried that he’s fainted. Could someone in the Byrne household please check up on him?)

We’re hearing that the game will be launching sometime in 2020, and this time, we believe Sega. Well, mostly. They couldn’t pull the rug out from under us again, could they?

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  1. Late? Yeah but not too late, in fact with the MMO market basically stagnated with games who got shut down in less than a year, an old but relevant and popular game receiving attention it always a good news for me.

  2. Heard they’ve changed director, so maybe that’s why western release is in mind again. Still changes nothing those who care for PSO2 play in JP server (it doesn’t require vPN, doesn’t lag that much to be noticed…except when servers was DDoS-ed).

    XBO…really…Really? OMG x_x
    When the game in Japan has PS4/PSVita/Switch/PC cross-play blocks (under various block variations), it comes to the West with XBO cross-play option instead of those mentioned above (shoot me). IMO, XBO has always been WORST console and will always stay the WORST of all consoles in current generation (check DOOM comparison between PS4/XBO/Switch/PC and you’ll see that practically portable Switch has almost same quality as XBO – 10% worse poly-count on Switch, but once again Switch’s main feature that you can take it anywhere and play, won’t see that difference from xbox unless played on TV). Yeah PSO2 doesn’t have same detail level as DOOM, but still..

    Anyways…having all classes max level and all top tier weapon from 5th episode and 2 from 6th, I’m not even interested in starting from scratch…for the 3rd time.

    • And now? Because of one comparison, you say Xbox sucks? Because of muh PS4? Then look at the PS4 Pro Version and Xbox One X Version of Red Dead Redemption 2. Nuff said.

  3. I am still in shock over this. Soooooo late though, but console is smart given that the original PSO in the west was driven by Dreamcast then Gamecube. I cannot wait to actually be able to FULLY understand all the game has to offer….Although I still keep waiting for the article to update with PARODY on it somewhere.

    • It wasn’t driven by Dreamcast in the west. It was released on the Dreamcast, period lol. It was only later ported to windows (with a rerelease on dreamcast).

      • I think you may misunderstand my point, it wasn’t specific to the Dreamcast, it was more pointing out that it was primarily a console based MMORPG more than a PC one (not saying it didn’t release on PC, it did) and I like the idea of a console release in the West for this one too, maybe just out of nostalgia, I’ll admit 🙂


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