Originally slated for an early 2013 North American release, Phantasy Star Online 2 has now been pushed back to an unannounced release date. The Japanese version of the game was released back in July of last year and quickly garnered an English community, prompting SEGA to announce plans to bring PSO 2 to North American audiences.

SEGA hasn’t released any further details regarding the delay, only stating they “will update everyone as soon as there are more details to share.”

Thanks, Polygon.

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  1. i think that the western release is still a long way to go, someone said in the PSOworld forum that “sega will lose more money than they gain” i kinda agree to that cz they need to translate and localize everything which takes some amount of money i believe plus the english translation patch and the PSO2tweaker probably make them think that the player outside japan could play the game “just fine”

  2. Just download the Japanese version then patch it and join ship 10 so we all can game together. The patch isn’t perfect but you still can do most everything. Exmplae: Does translate the disk names but by the picture you can tell what it goes toward.

  3. It’s worth waiting for. I am able to play the japanese version and i can say it is every bit as good as i’d hoped but I am still holding out for a release here to avoid communication barriers and so i can actually read the damn text. From a technical standpoint it is gorgeous and well made. The cross zone party merging for events and major boss battles is really awesome and the sheer amount of events and crap to do that is integrated in to the game is nice(Events both scripted and live occur frequently and never seem to get old) The mags finally make a proper return after their horrible butchering of the mechanics in psu and it all feels so… pso? Any fan of the original is in for a treat and even though i am disappointed with the delay I will wait anxiously and still recommend others to do the same. For an instanced based game it doesn’t get any better than this.

  4. I see lots of people saying “bye for good” to this, but I know that they will play it when it does come out. The less hypocritical, but still technically hypocritical, ones will wait a month and claim they forgot.

    I just see it coming xD

  5. Well really wanted to play this, but I think its time to move on and never look back. I ll just wait for blade and soul now!!! 😀

  6. I’m quite frankly starting to not give a crap about this game. I played the Japanese version, loved it, quit in November since they kept squawking that it was coming, now it’s March and they’re barely giving any info on it. Well, I stopped following them, and have fallen deeply in love with games like Firefall, Waframe, and Marvel Online. They chose to throw crappy Sonic games, and even crappier Aliens games at us, rather than translating this wonderful game. Hell, they’ve even been ATTACKING the fans. Google “SEGA vs Internet”.

    Well, screw it, and screw SEGA. Those xenophobes at SEGA aren’t getting a dime of my money until they get their crap together. I loved PSO and PSU to death, but if this is how they’ll treat us… go ahead and keep your game. I’ll find better, that won’t just slam the servers shut a few years later, than convert the game over to F2P like they did in their home country.

  7. I can understand the need to delay launching here. For this one it’s not as simple as just translating it. They need to localize a lot of game content also or it won’t really suit most western audiences. Not everyone has spent sleepless nights on pso like the sega fans from the days on the dreamcast and most players won’t play it just for nostalgia. I love it so far but i’m not casual and i have always liked phantasy star.

  8. This game far more interesting than I thought. So does Age of Wushu. The stunning scenes with special effects are vert eye-catching. Huge world map is also interesting.

  9. noooooooooooo why cant they jest give us the game their only translateing it and their is a big group waiting to play the game give it to us already!

  10. This is sad…I really LOVE Phantasy Star and was really eager to play this, I still am, hope it will be released this year.

  11. Anyone who hasn’t signed up before I forget when of last year, but now there’s an IP ban on the japanese Sega Website, and only those who have created Sega ID’s before hand can actually play PSO 2 now. I know this, because I kept up to date with news with PSO 2, and have 4 Sega accounts from before hand. Good thing I’m able to still play the Japanese version, with an English patch.

    However, it’s not really a game that “requires” any Japanese if you’ve played enough PSO games, you should pretty much understand everything about it.

    • This is not true. I made my account last month using the website everyone uses to get english patches from.. I forget the name, but the website border/background is all pink and they tell you how to do it.

    • This guy is really special..you probably shouldn’t even speak with him:) he is the worst english speaker, game critic and the biggest PITA that has ever registered on this site. Just read his other posts, they are much similliar to this one-.-*

  12. I kind of expected this…. they are waiting for a certain moment to release the english version, and the Japanese version isn’t at that time yet.

    seriously this really sucks, ive been waiting for this forever and sadly i’m too lazy to play the Asian version 🙁


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