Phantasy Star Online 2 3

It ain’t happening, folks. It just ain’t happening.

Eagle-eyed Reddit users have discovered that the English-language site for Phantasy Star Online 2 has shut down, after five years of … well, just existing. It used to be at, but that’s gone now, and with it, the hopes and dreams of Magicman, the #1 supporter of this lost cause, have been similarly dashed.

In this sad time, let us not mourn this unquestionably breakout game that would have been totally different and so much better than all the other Asian games to come to the West and was absolutely worth carrying water for for five years. Instead, let us look back on the happier times, when we could all cling to a sliver of optimism, a thin thread of hope that fueled our wildest fantasies — or is that “phantasies”? — for half a decade.

  • Magicman’s First Look of the Japanese version of the game from earlier this year.
  • The fake website that said it was coming out in 2017.
  • 2014: “SEGA is currently working on bringing PSO2 to the West” lol
  • “Originally slated for an early 2013 North American release” double lol!
  • The original announcement.
  • So long, Phantasy Star Online 2. Now, how is Bless Online coming along?

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    1. u can play without lagg from eu on an english channel easy,ppl who wanted to play it rly,already whers the problem i dont get it

    2. Negative comments and such are probably why nothing hits the west or dies in early stages. ” Why go west when they’re so negative. ” IMO that what people say. I know I would.

    3. Even if it did get an official english release, there are plenty of other better games out there. It would be a different story if it released much sooner.

    4. Honestly, anyone who still had hope for a Western release at this point was delusional. The chances of it happening died along with the SEA version. Luckily, the Japanese version can be played without issue, and there’s even a server (Ship 2) that is populated almost entirely by English speakers.

    5. I wish we had more Japanese PC MMOs here in the West (relatively to Japan everything is The West, finally I can call myself a westerner :D). No, scratch that. I wish there were more Japanese PC MMOs in general. They are way too obsessed with consoles and singleplayer games. Maybe we’ll see more if Caravan Stories becomes a hit. It’s looking pretty good so far, a shame that it’s cross-platform (mobile / PC) though.

    6. we all know this game wuld never hit NA, just not worth it ! if it dosent happen with in 6 month after announcement was made it just not worth the time to care. game will die out soon enyways


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