When Epic Games halted development on its third-person 3D MOBA Paragon and then made its assets available for other games to use, I didn’t think that concept would take off. Not only was I proven wrong when an auto-chess game popped up using those assets, but now there’s a faithful re-creation of the MOBA that’s getting ready to enter early access on Steam.

Fault is being developed by Strange Matter Studios, and it aims to be a “competition-worthy MOBA” with “action-packed, competitive play.” The map for the game draws inspiration largely from the Monolith build of Paragon, but with “more options of pathing when traversing the map, more akin to Legacy play.” Itemization comes from an in-game store that is open at all times and the Aspect/Fusion system is a combination of Paragon’s affinity system and runes from League of Legends.

Fault will hit Steam in just two days, on Friday, July 17. Early access will come with a price, but Strange Matter said that it plans to lower the cost of access as the testing period progresses, going fully free-to-play by launch, with additional monetization coming through voice packs, announcer packs, and HUD skins. You can learn more about the game on its website.



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