About the game:
Title: Fault
Status: Early Access
Genre: MOBA
Developer: Strange Matter Studios
Publisher: Strange Matter Studios

Dominate the competition in Fault, a free-to-play third-person action MOBA from Strange Matter Studios. Fault uses assets from Epic Games’ cancelled Paragon MOBA to create a new experience where skill is at a premium and you’ll need to look for trouble from all directions on lush and strategic 3D maps.

Fault draws its inspiration from the Monolith release of Paragon, but with a larger map and more options for traversing it. The itemization and deck affinity systems have also been revised, forcing players to make strategic decisions in their builds for every game.

Explosive Features:

  • Uses Assets From Epic’s Paragon
  • Skill-based Third-Person MOBA
  • Reworked Inventory And Affinity Systems

News and Updates

Fault Adds “Combat Mage” Morigesh And Tones Down Lock-On Abilities

Is there still time to squeeze one more game update into 2020 before the calendar turns over? Not quite, as the team at Strange...

Strange Matter Adds Two New Characters To Its Early Access MOBA Fault

Strange Matter Studios released a new content update for the MOBA Fault. The game, currently in early access on Steam, now boasts two new...

Early Access MOBA Fault Attempts To Re-Create Epic’s Paragon

When Epic Games halted development on its third-person 3D MOBA Paragon and then made its assets available for other games to use, I didn't...

Featured Video

System Requirements

Fault Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: i5-4690
Memory Ram: 8 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: At least 50GB of free Space
Video Card: GTX 960

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  1. Game not worth it. One its not free. Two Not free with micro transactions. Still not free. Any game moba that you must pay for and still pay for in game stuff is not worth it. Take league and smite for instance. Both are free. Both a great games. Both got micro transactions. One thing from smite that is better then league is the fact that you can get all the gods/heroes/champions for a single price with all future characters included. This game uses remnants of Paragon, which was F2P with Microtransactions as it is with all mobas. A moba that is not free is not worth the time. All this game tells me are they are money warmongers filled with greed.


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