Enjoy Some Feathery Mayhem In Neverwinter's April "Fowls" Event

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Happy April Fowls, Neverwinter fans!

That's right. The seasonal event has returned. Poor Earl the Chickenmancer is suffering from a really weird version of the Midas Touch. Instead of turning everything he touches into gold, he turns it into chickens. It's gotten rather out of control and he needs help before things get worse.

That's where you come in. Find Earl in the Protector's Enclave and he'll give you your mission -- helping him clean up his mess. Those who succeed in this mission will be awarded a new fowl mount.

Luckily, cleaning up after Earl's curse isn't the only fowl-related activity in this event. There's also the PvP chicken match. This is a 5v5 chicken fight feature in which the player's chicken class can change throughout a match. There's even a new bird class, but it's limited and can only be found in the Basic Bok's Daily seeds.

And, of course, there are new items in the store. These include the Enlarged Chicken fowl mount, an Earl companion, a Stick Chicken mount, and the Nest Egg Cache.

If you're more of a Star Trek Online player than a Neverwinter player, they're currently celebrating First Contact, rather than getting up to April Fools' shenanigans.

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