WW2 shooter Enlisted hit open beta last Thursday, and as you might expect from a game facing a sudden influx of players, there have been a lot of opinions and feedback about the game. You can get some of my impressions in the First Look video we posted yesterday, and Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment have posted their summary of some of the primary issues that they’re looking to tackle in a future update.

Battle tasks saw some slight changes earlier this week, but there’s more to be done. You’ll only get credit for fortifications that actually have a chance to impact battle, and tasks requiring certain weapons will be less frequent. You’ll also receive some much-needed additional options for ordering your soldiers around, and a couple of movement tweaks — such as climbing and moving sideways — will also be implemented.

Other general adjustments that are in the works include FOV settings, toggles for crouching, and changes to the construction of rally points.

Also this weekend, you can pick up Twitch drops of unique vehicles and other rewards by watching Enlisted streams. Details on how to do so can be found on the Enlisted website.


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