Eutechnyx today released the first glimpse of its upcoming online racing game. The screen shots display the high graphical quality of Auto Club Revolution’s racing experience, which promises console-quality online racing to the free-to-play games market. The game’s front end is web-based, creating a powerful and flexible social platform for communities of car enthusiasts and racing fans to interact with each other and their favourite motoring brands. The racing engine is delivered via a downloaded application (client). This combination of web and app. empowers the player to manage their game, garage and network of friends on the web from anywhere, while the downloadable element provides the premium quality race experience that separates Auto Club Revolution from all other games in the sector.

While racing game fans will enjoy the array of officially-licensed cars complete with realistic driving performances and handling, car enthusiasts will immerse themselves in an online world built around their favourite car brands.

Eutechnyx’ COO, Darren Jobling said, “Auto Club Revolution will be a game changer for online racing and today’s screenshots barely touch the surface of what is probably the deepest car racing and car ownership experience ever developed.” He continues, “working together with the largest brands in motoring, we’ve fused online games and social motoring communities to build a truly new and exciting platform, with degrees of motor manufacturer involvement that are unprecedented in the history of real-world racing games, details of which we will be revealing shortly.”

Doug Wolff, Eutechnyx Producer adds “We’re inviting everyone to participate in the development and balancing of Auto Club Revolution. We’re gearing up for the first phase of beta tests, anyone who wants to be involved should sign up immediately to secure their chance to be one of the first to experience the most exciting development in the racing game genre for years.”

The closed beta test is scheduled to take place in July 2011. Anyone who would like to be involved in beta testing can do so at


  1. Looks nice, now only if it was an Open-World game like NFSWorld, RCSEA, and DC instead of a lobby racer like Project Torque. The restraint of playng through a lobby (in a racing game) seems so old school these days after so many awesome open world racers over the years, if you include the console games not just PC.

  2. Awesome, looks great. Before i went to the site i was thinking “ehhh Need For Speed World is already kickass” but this games screenshots were freakin nuts. Looking forward to checkin it out.


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