EverQuest players are mad and they’re not going to take it any more. Specifically, we’re talking about players on the Progression (a.k.a. “Classic”) EverQuest servers. Even more specifically, we’re talking about players on the Progression EverQuest servers who want an official PvP server; none of the newer servers have adopted that rule set and the last content update for Project 1999 was in 2015. And they’re mad enough to stage a protest later this month to show Darkpaw Games their desire for a server catering to their needs.

Several PvP-focused communities have come together over Reddit to stage a protest on the Zek live server on Feb. 29 starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. They plan to flood the server with level one ogres, in the attempt, we’d suppose, to cause chaos and maybe a little bit of a server slowdown. Think of it as like any protest, clogging up the streets and making it harder for you to get to work — or in this case, to your quest-givers.

Can such an effort yield results? I’m leaning toward the “no” side, if only because the number of people who want open PvP in MMORPGs is generally a very small niche, usually much less than they think it is. That said, I looked up World of Warcraft Classic servers and was surprised to see that about 3/4 of them were PvP. So maybe there’s a higher likelihood of “Classic” players wanting PvP servers, if only because they were more common back in the early days of MMOs. I’m glad we moved past that, but I can understand how it might be a “truer” nostalgia experience, for those who desire it.


  1. I may DL EQ one more time just for this EQ needs pvp after countless years of the pve grind I left EQ out of sheer boredom PVP adds excitement a new element imagine trying to clear a dungeon and having to worry about a rival guild coming in not only tosteal your kill but kill you too! Also they should make a ranking system some kinda reward system for your pvp efforts

  2. I have some experience with the EQ (EMU) PVP community, and while vocal, and loyal its numbers have diminished to the point of almost irrelevance in the grand scheme of things.

    Gluck guys

  3. Progression servers are essentially all PvP anyway. With the number of people who grief others through PvE methods. Training, stealing camps, despawning quests… In theory PvP could allow players to police themselves. In reality it would just cause more grief and chaos.

  4. >PvP garbage
    Not sure why you talk about the best server mode in classic EverQuest this way. Countless fun times were had by thousands across these during their prime.

    >The Zek server (the only PvP server left) only has about 30 active players.
    It’s no surprise that nobody wants to play on a broken PvP server, but Zek and a PvP TLP server would have very little in common.

    I understand if it’s not for you but what’s the harm in DB releasing something different from the same old bluebie server over and over?

  5. It’s not a “protest” nor will it disrupt anything. There is a very SMALL but very VOCAL group of people (around 40-50) that have been spamming both the EQ forums and the EQ Discord non-stop with their PvP garbage.

    The developers of the game said there is no significant interest in PvP. The Zek server (the only PvP server left) only has about 30 active players. 30. On a server that supports thousands.

    The developers said (likely as a joke) that if this “community” wanted to show interest in PvP they should log onto Zek, thus the creation of this farce. And yes it is a farce, because even if 500 people showed up (and they won’t) it wouldn’t even be enough to justify making a PvP TLP server.

    I don’t know the break even costs, but the amount of developer time for the very small population would result in losing money. There is simply no case where it makes financial sense, but this group just won’t let it go.


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