The Festival of the Four Winds has returned to Guild Wars 2 once again, and the Labyrinthine Cliffs are open for business! Assuming that your business is goofing off, nabbing a few achievements, and probably falling to your death more than once. OK, that last one doesn’t happen so much now that the game has gliders, but back in my day, let me tell you …

The festivities also extend to the Queen’s Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach, where more combat-oriented players can challenge themselves against the Boss Blitz and Queen’s Gauntlet events.

However you choose to do it, the Festival of the Four Winds is a perennial favorite of GW2 fans, in part because of its long absence — it was last celebrated in 2014 before taking a four-year break and returning in 2018 — but also because of its beauty and the grace and style of its architecture and layout. Guild Wars 2 may be showing its age, but the festival is still a sight to behold, if you need a break from all the conflict and chaos of Tyria.

Learn more about the Festival of the Four Winds and all it offers on the event’s release page You can also check out the complete patch notes for even greater detail on the events and — most importantly — the rewards.

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