anarchy online

MMO developer Funcom has decided to bring its long-running sci-fi MMO Anarchy Online to the Steam platform. The game, which launched in 2001, takes players 30,000 years in the future where they will be able to work together to build cities or fight each other for territory.

As part of the Steam launch, Funcom is offering players the chance to get a jump on the leveling process. However, it will cost them… $99.99. For this price, you’ll be able to boost a character to level 200. In addition, players can pick up a player bundle with gear, boosts, and more for $20.

The game’s addition to Steam is reportedly an effort to increase its playerbase. It should for the short term, at least. Steam is pretty good for that. However, it’ll be interesting to see how much life Steam can bring back to a 16 year-old game.

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  1. Much like Entropia Universe, this game is slowly dying. Most players want a game where they can really progress. Entropia’s issue is it’s real cash economy, and Anarchy has the issue of not having much for players to do unless you are really into RP

  2. A buddy of mine still plays this. He tries to talk me into playing it when i already have a pc that can run bless on high and im like… why? Then he shown me a video on YouTube or something, about the new engine and updating and what not, and i was like ok so it has a better future for it at least but its still not eye popingly gorgeous or well put together as far as the rest of the games concerned. I cant say a steam update would be of any relevant news to anyone anymore really. I apologize if that’s any offence.

    • So you won’t play a game because it looks old? That’s one shallow statement. I bet you will choose stupid Skyrim over hardcore Morrowind because it looks better?

      It’s high time people learned that graphics don’t make a game better. Diablo 1 is from 1998 or something and it’s still better than Diablo 3.

  3. I don’t really see a reason to play this game without doing some work on it like rickshaw said. If you just bring it back without doing work on it to bring it up to modern specs then I doubt people will be interest. I’m not saying everything should be in modern specs but in MMO wise then maybe it should….

    • they can’t bring it to modern specs, it s like making a whole new game, so whats the point ?

      They should have released a number 2, 15 years they make some money from it, and the future is “steam” ? erm !

  4. OUChh! try updating it first! & really who cares about STEAM!
    This game may be old but it isn’t that great. its why people left in droves in its early stages of beta and release.

    • Just because it’s on steam doesn’t mean it will gain a huge audience like the developer thinks it will in my opinion. I don’t know why every developer who uploads to steam geenlight thinks they will get a large playerbase just for getting their game on steam. But steam is gonna be letting anyone on just by paying a fee and filling out paperwork since they are discontinuing steam greenlight sadly. It’s gonna ruin steam with games like this unless the dev updates it or something.


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