At G-Star in South Korea, Pearl Abyss has revealed more details regarding its new games that were announced last week. As before, we don’t know if these games will be free-to-play, but we’d bet on at least one or two of them hitting that mark.

In open-world MMO shooter Plan 8, the machines have apparently taken over and its up to humanity to blow them all to smithereens. The name is “closely tied to the mysterious settings of the world” and Pearl Abyss wants to use its expertise with MMORPGs to help the title stand out, labeling it “a unique shooter genre title with elements of MMO styles of play.” Players will wear exosuits that give provide “amazing unique gameplay that has never before been seen in any game.” Hype engine: activated!

DokeV revolves around creatures called “dokebi,” that grow and gain power from dreams. Originally designed for mobile, Pearl Abyss decided to first bring it to consoles and PCs to showcase its graphical qualities. Other than that brief description and the trailer, there wasn’t too much information provided about the game except that a beta test is scheduled for 2020.

Finally, there’s Crimson Desert, which focuses on a band of mercenaries with ruggedly Scottish accents — one is even named “Macduff,” described as “a man in constant turmoil” and “with a tragic past that he cannot escape from.” While originally conceived of as a prequel to Black Desert Online, the game morphed into a new project, with a unique and different world.

The other members of Crimson Desert’s main cast “each has their own unique settings and tales to tell, affecting everything from the decisions they make, down to the gear they equip.” The game offers an extensive single-player campaign, as well as more traditional MMORPG content with a vast cast of characters and monsters, trade, exploration, and more.

A PC and console beta test for Crimson Desert is also scheduled for 2020.

Finally, there was Shadow Arena, which wasn’t announced prior to last week but still got a new trailer and information at G-Star. It’s an “action-packed battle royale” which started its life as a mode inside Black Desert and was popular enough that Pearl Abyss decided to spin it off into its own title. The closed beta test will take place next weekend, and you can sign up for it on the Shadow Arena website. Launch is currently planned for the first half of 2020.



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