MMOCulture is reporting via a Korean website that Pearl Abyss is “in the final phase of negotiations” with a well-known publisher in North America and Europe to bring Black Desert to Western shores.

We ooh-ed and aah-ed over Black Desert’s character creator a few months ago and loved the flashy (and MOUNTED!) combat, and it’s been one of the few Korean MMOs to achieve widespread interest in the West in recent years.

What “familiar” company do you think would be the best fit for Black Desert in the West?

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  1. Yeah guys Nextard and Aershit are obviously the best choices and 100%–I mean 100%–we want Electronic Asshit to publish this. Please.

  2. Apparently half of you idiots have never played an MMORPG outside of Maplestory and TERA.

    You’ve named a few, trashy companies to publish these games.

    SOE would be a decent publisher, Trion Worlds wouldn’t be terrible either.

    You goons keep saying things like Nexon and Aeria games. What the hell is wrong with you? These aren’t shitty f2p shooters or sidescrolling MMORPGs. The developers of Black Desert won’t hand it over to some money grabbing company. I doubt there’ll be much of a cash shop in this game, as asian MMORPG developers and publishers are realizing that no one likes that shit, except for cosmetics.

  3. Yay! 😀 I’ve been following this game since I’ve heard of its early development. I’m sooo excited for its arrival in North America!

  4. Q: What items can we expect in the cash shop if the game goes F2P? Will there be EXP potions?

    A: Costumes, consumables (cosmetics, furniture), no there will not be EXP potions we’re very focused on ensuring our game is not P2W. We’re still talking over if we will have a cash shop, while we leaning more F2P, we are considering many other options.

  5. NCsoft is the only publisher i would be happy with. Lineage 2 was my favorite MMO and Aion isn’t that bad either. Both huge success and NCsoft at least knows what they’re doing. Also, no P2W shit from them.

  6. I would have to say En Masse or NCsoft. Although it would be nice if NCsoft got B&S here sometimes in the next year… or 2…

  7. there are several:

    1. EA = Will ruin it with DLC craps and bad decisions and forcing release dates
    2. Trion = Will ruin it the casual way and charging a lot of money for stuff that was once free and invite only to get actual testers in and not just streamers to stream the game
    3. SOE / ProSieben = Pay2Win incoming, no support and ruining the experience with an overall bad service
    4. Gameforge = Do i have to say anything else here? That company is lead by random guys not knowing a single thing about games
    5. Nexon = Bad publisher with 0 community work when it comes do decisions
    6. Aeria = Pay2Win and fooling players with false advertisement
    (7. Steam, but it’s more a distributer, that takes 20% off of every purchase made)

    • little harsh and honest view here are my thoughts on the list though (good side maybe)
      1.EA = very wide rage of cash shop items more then likely a game breaking gold system and not much development on their part unless bug fixes.
      2.Trion= no doubt pay to get in CBT lots of new items added in from farther development and more then one or two dlc that might cost money.
      3.SOE = very I mean very unlikely they are stretch way to thin to pick this up already.
      4.Nexon= far cash shop low development on game high on in game items more then likely better admins and community managers and lots I mean lots of events.
      5.Aeria = no doubt some P2W aspects lots of useless and not so useless cash shop items great admins and slow customer support
      7. Steam = we wish but will never happen
      8. small company = starts out with easy access cbt and game release slow event and a 50% chance of a great community.

      • Though Steam isn’t a publisher its a distributor. The only game they publish that’s F2P is TF2 as far as I know. But they don’t publish any games besides their own.

    • When you say Steam, I expect you mean Valve…though they’ve never set a precedent for publishing a game that isn’t developed by them.

      A few others you haven’t mentioned though:
      NCsoft (experience with Aion & Lineage 2)
      Perfect World

  8. The sad part is that the only reliable EU & NA host I can think of is Nexon, and they’re known for destroying a game’s economy.

  9. When linking to another player, it activates unique powerful skills. You can also use it on Mobs. It will interrupt and stun them in most cases.

  10. @Vec1ple you are right but its both depending on the other group members positon it can grant either a buff or an ultimate skill for example TRIANGLE FORMATION: buff, ZIG ZAG: ultimate skill. <– just an example btw.

  11. What in the hell is those beams that I keep on seeing before each attack. If thats required to do anything thats retarded LOL. Otherwise looks great.

    • Look closely, looks like some linking ability in order to use some sort of “ultimate” or special ability, that or a buff of some sorts

  12. And I’ve came back from Swordsman CBT (it’s started), and wanted to say that game is total bs 🙂 But this is (as always) my opinion, so you can try and decide for yourself. As for Black Desert, looks nice and I wanna try it before I judge 🙂

  13. Looks like this game will get all the players that would play b&S. Considering this will have more customization. I suppose that will make it even more likely bns won’t come to the states or eu. Along with their bull shit statistics they made up

    • Though I would love steam to publish this game, I doubt they will. They’re more of a distributor rather than a publisher, and I honestly don’t see them making any MMORPG games so I have no idea how they would deal with it.

  14. the best choise have ether been ncsoft or en masse, they have hade verry big success with there games sins they whent free to play. they have good servers good comunity

    • en masse is one I never thought of (how that is astonishes me I play terra online at least 3 hours a week) I think their now starting to build a good community now I not sure its the best though.

  15. more then likely EA they have the resources to put on a project like this and are very fast on the uptake when new games come out I don’t think they will handle the customer services part well but they do a good job on the sever side I would like nexon to take It tho or arial games I think both are very community active with events so I like them more


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