Lineage II Aden's New Update Introduces The Giran Seal System With Limited-Time Crafting Event

The Crafting Event will end on June 1st.

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Lineage 2 Giran Seal System

NCSoft’s MMORPG Lineage ll, is putting out a new update that will introduce the Giran Seal system to Aden. Players will not only be able to purchase the Giran Seals but they will also be able to earn them from raid bosses. This news is great for all players, but especially to those who are further along in the the game.

When battling a raid boss like Queen Ant, Core, Orfen, Saken, or Baium, the player that deals the final killing blow will be awarded a Boss Expedition Mark. This mark can then be used in the Special Crafting System to craft the Seal of Giran 200-Unit Pack, Scrolls or even the L2 Coin Pack.

Players can also look forward to the Limited-Time Crafting event that starts from today and ends on June 1. To name a few of the limited-time crafting options, players can make the Boss Weapon Crafting, Thunder Armor Mail, Thunder Leather Leggins, Rare Accessory , Flaming Tunic , Freeze Breastplate , and Freeze Leggings. Again, please make sure to tune in and enjoy this Limited-Time Crafting event as it is...well...only for a limited time.

Lastly, new permanent Giran Seal Crafts will be available going forward. Players should pay attention to the different armor crafting versions to make sure they get the right version for their specific class. If players would like to read the extensive list of rewards and crafting items, please check out the official post on Lineage ll’s site.

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