Lost Ark’s “Under the Arkesian Sun” Update Arrives Today With The The Highly Anticipated Pet Ranch

You won’t want to miss out on this adorable new companion.

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Lost Ark Under The Arkesia Sun Smilegate’s players can start raising their cute and precious companions today in Lost Ark’s newest update. Lost Ark’s downtime will begin at 7AM UTC and is expected to last 4 hours. Soon after, adventurers will be able to celebrate the new summer events, new cosmetics, and more.

Players excited to learn more about the Pet Ranch and all it has to hold–from Pet Expertise, Pet Growth Tokens, and fun rewards for exchanging Jam Cookies--can read more here. As for the first summer treat, players can collect the Maharaka Tree leaves in Maharaka Paradise during the Maharaka Festival. Players will be able to collect as many leaves as possible in exchange for valuable rewards. This month will also include an ongoing, new activity, the Blooming Mokokos. This event will take place every other hour in Maharaka Paradise and players will receive Gold for finding blooming Mokokos.

In addition, the Under the Arkesia Sun update is bringing with it new armor and weapon skins, mounts, stronghold decorations, and the Shiba Inu pet. Please note that the Shiba Inu pet is only available until September 28, so don’t miss your chance to pick up this cute and cuddly companion.

Lost Ark Shiba Inu

Players who would like to read more on general updates to the game can do so on Lost Ark’s official site.

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