Has it already been eight days since Halloween? Is it only 14 days until Thanksgiving? Apparently so, as Nexon has rolled out the festivities for Turkey Day in the Chaos Rising update for MapleStory 2, along with two new raids, with another on the way at the end of the month.

Turkey Terror” runs until Dec. 6, letting players level 10 and up take on a giant wild turkey that’s running all over Maple World to earn a title, a Wild Turkey Mount, and Maple Leaf coins they can exchange with an NPC for more loot.

For more serious players, there are two new Chaos Raid dungeons, 10-player instanced versions of Shadow Altar and Moonlight Fortress. The Ludibrium Clock Tower Chaos Raid will follow on Nov. 30. A few quality-of-life upgrades also make their way to MapleStory 2 with this update, including better options for dismantling, wardrobes, quickslots, and more.

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