MapleStory 2 Shutting Down In May; Nexon Will Enable Download Of Art And Music Assets

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

As a sequel to one of the most popular MMORPGs of all time, it seemed like a safe bet to think that MapleStory 2 would succeed and carry on its predecessor's legacy. Sadly, that's turned out not to be the case, as today Nexon announced that the free-to-play game would be shutting down globally in a little over two months, on May 27.

According to a statement from Nexon:

"We took a hard look at the current state of the game and its future roadmap, and sadly reached the conclusion that it would be difficult to maintain long-term continuation of the game while remaining true to what made MapleStory 2 your MapleStory 2."

From now until that time, players can no longer purchase Blue Merets and Meso Tokens, and refunds will be given in NX to any purchases made between Dec. 11 and today, March 18. Customer service support will last for an additional month following the shutdown, until June 26.

In the meantime, players who remain can take part in various "Sunset in Maple World" activities, including community events and hide-and-seek. Nexon also plans to make the art and music from the game available via download, including "Tons of creative assets that have never been seen before." It's nice to see that it won't all completely go to waste, and it's a neat way for MapleStory 2 to live on even after it's no longer playable, even if the game itself couldn't stand on its own Merets.

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