MapleStory’s The New Age: 6 Update Introduces 6th Job Advancement

The Burning event is back as well.

QuintLyn Bowers
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MapleStory New Age 6

Today, MapleStory dropped The New Age: 6 update, introducing the 6th job advancement which will allow players to control an all-new power, “Sol Erda”. Players will be able to manage the 6th Job skills using the Hexa Matrix. A Mastery Node in Hexa allows players to enhance the performance of 4th Job skills or lower, while a Boost Node can be used to enhance 5th Job skills. The end result is increased combat experience.

The MMO's update also brings back The Burning World event. During this event, players can gain two extra levels for each level up in Hyper Burning, speeding up their progress to level 260. An Identisk Island event is also underway that will allow players to explore the island and earn rewards.

Other features in this update include level-up adjustments, improvements to daily quests, a revamp of Grandis, and more.

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