Come and get your free stuff — if you already haven’t, that is. For a limited time, Perfect World is offering Neverwinter players the chance to snap up some free goodies. All you need to do is hit up the Rewards Claim Agent and you’ll get yourself a free Sheltered Wizard’s Cache containing the following items:

  • Ensorcelled Mulhorand Weapon
  • Wayward Wizard companion
  • 3x Bonding Runestone, Rank 8
  • Fierce Necklace of the Companion +1
  • Heroic Belt of the Companion +1
  • Bold Ring of the Companion +1
  • Personal Greater Stone of Health
  • 20x Divine Injury Kit
  • 20x Scroll of Life

Of course, the pack will only be available free for a limited time, so be sure to grab yours before June 18. Also keep in mind that the weapon in the pack is character-bound, so you’ll want to open the pack with the appropriate character.


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