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Electronic Arts put out a press release today in anticipation of E3 next week, and tucked away near the bottom — because it comes last alphabetically — is the announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next expansion:

The largest story-driven expansion to date, Knights of the Fallen Empire, marks a renewed focus on cinematic storytelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The expansion will deliver on the hallmarks of what makes a great BioWare™ game: new worlds to explore, new companions to recruit, and a dynamic story that players will be able to shape based on the choices they make.

Shadow of Revan had no small amount of story content associated with it, so announcing something as “the largest story-driven expansion to date” is either joyfully tantalizing or just marketing hyperbole. There’s not much else to go on at this time, but we’ll definitely be listening for all the details during E3 next week!

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  1. I totally agree this game is crap. I mean the 1/2 free 1/2 play is like shit. it’s shit not because it’s require to pay. It’s shit because it advertise as free2play and then it require pay for expansion, pay for content, pay for battle ground,….

  2. Oh great, gonna have to spend 20 bucks more while everyone that doesnt have the first 2 yet will most likely get them for free again

    • because this games is a game made by idiots for idiots $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ probably will dye in 2017/18 because there are so many good f2p games out there only idiots sub for that crapy game.


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