Someone at Wargaming really likes ’80s action movie actors with martial-arts pedigrees.

This time it’s Dolph Lundgren’s turn to star in a goofy promotional video. In his quest to determine what “real men” do these days, he tries cooking, DJ-ing, and yoga, only to be drawn in by the pixelated explosions of World of Tanks. It’s not just the actor they’re dredging up from the ’80s, it’s the attitudes!

At least Steven Seagal had some tenuous connection to World of Warships, thanks to his starring role in Under Siege. While there is a poster for a “Tank” movie on the wall of the office in the video, there’s no such thing on Lundgren’s IMDb page. Still, as with Seagal’s involvement with Warships, don’t be surprised to see some Lundgren-related promotions in World of Tanks soon. Yes, I just typed “Lundgren-related promotions.” My career is complete.

The real question, though, should be what aging star Wargaming will tap to help promote World of Warplanes? Tom Cruise (Top Gun) would be nice, but probably too expensive. Maybe Lou Gossett Jr. for this gem? Make it happen, guys.



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