is reporting that Nexon “has laid off an undisclosed number of employees,” which one of its sources characterizes as up to a fifth of its workforce in the United States.

Despite the seemingly large number of people left without a job, a spokesperson for Nexon told

“Unfortunately, this means we had to let some people go, but the numbers do not represent any significance to our overall workforce.”

And they might be right. As we’ve always seen in Nexon’s financial statements, North America represents a very, very small part of its overall revenue stream — just 4% in last quarter’s reports. So while it certainly would seem like doomsday for Nexon America, it probably isn’t significant to Nexon’s overall workforce, as the spokesperson indicated.

LawBreakers’ poor performance is an easy, high-profile scapegoat for the layoffs. The Nexon spokesperson denies that, and I tend to agree. Again, Nexon America only accounts for a tiny portion of the company’s overall revenue, so it might simply be a prudent decision by corporate to downsize a workforce that isn’t providing much of a return on investment — something that’s been the case for much longer than LawBreakers has been around.

Oh, and Nexon’s Q4 financial report comes out on Thursday. It should be an interesting read.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Considering a majority of Nexon’s assets are targeted in Korea i’m not exactly surprised. Sigh- just give us a good game for once.

  2. Just puppets on a string.
    Note to MmoBomb:
    Heads up. i noticed your website changed slightly a few days ago, what happens is your article title pics run over your article text titles and further below onto writers name on the front page rolls, this followers downward to all articles just after your review scroll pic links thingy

  3. Perhaps if Nexon NA didn’t needlessly censor games from the original version and if they didn’t blantantly milk the customers with P2W microtransactions AND didn’t have abysmal customer service they might actually gain some traction over here… A few of the games they get their greedy fingers on are actually pretty good but I for one just can’t justify spend my time/money on them because Nexon itself.

    • Most do this now. I’ve completely lost interest in MMORPGs these days. The F2P model needs to die out (mainly as it produces some of the worst games, riddled with P2W aspects and lazy development) and subs should make a return.
      Look at WoW, for instance. Sure, it has a trial period, but it’s still going strong after years and is easily the top game out there. I don’t play, by the way. It’s just that a blind person could see that it’s the best there is lol.
      Nexon, among others, are just killing the genre. If it’s not constant hand-holding, making enemies piss-easy, overpricing ridiculous cash shop items (P2W or otherwise), then as you say, their customer “service” is just awful.
      But hey, it won’t be long before these companies die out. Unless they change their ways, I can imagine more people fleeing their games and only the few hardcore whales keeping it afloat. That is the problem, right there as well. The main reason these companies are still going, are due to the few addicted players with more money than sense, who pump thousands into their greedy little wallets.

      • There is no free lunch. Why do you expect F2P games to be fair? I play F2P games with the idea that they are P2W, I don’t stay in them for more than a month or two.


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