The previous quarter was perhaps a bit of an anomaly for Nexon’s revenue. In Q2 2017, things came somewhat back down to earth, as seen in the company’s financial statement on the quarter, issued today.

First, let’s talk North America and Europe. The big thing being pushed is Boss Key Studios’ LawBreakers, which was free-to-play, then wasn’t — and, just a few days after launch, isn’t looking so hot. Normally, we’d say it’ll be due for a F2P switch in the near future, but Cliff Bleszinski hates the idea, and doesn’t seem to know how to do that without introducing “bad” F2P mechanics. It will be interesting to see how that’s presented in the Q3 reports. Oh, and there’s also Titanfall: Assault, a mobile game that launched today for Android and iOS devices.

In China, Dungeon&Fighter has come back to normal following last quarter’s lucrative Lunar New Year packages. There are/were more big updates planned for July and September, so we’ll see if it carries the day again in Q3. For Korea, Titanfall Online and Moonlight Blade are predicted to launch by the end of the year, along with — you guessed it — more mobile games. Mobile in general stayed pretty constant, revenue-wise, the past two quarters, though the drop in PC revenue boosted it from 16% to 24% of Nexon’s overall revenue.

Overall, the first six months of 2017 exceeded Nexon’s expectations — so much so that the company issued a separate statement to talk about how good things were. You can check out the Q2 financial report in full by clicking on this link.


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