A new Champion is destined to land in Paladins later this week. Introduced earlier this month in her own Teaser Trailer, Octavia, The Indomitable, is a soldier or, rather, a Commander with a selection of passive abilities that benefit not only herself but her teammates. These abilities can be seen in her new Ability Breakdown trailer and include the option to decrease ability cooldowns, gain additional credits, increase ultimate rate charge, or provide a health shield upon respawn. Of course, these are either-or options. Players won’t be able to turn them all on at once.

Since Octavia’s a soldier, it makes sense that she’d have marksman abilities. So, her Primary Fire is Marksman Rifle. This ability allows her to be both accurate and fast with her shots. Her Alternative Fire, Designated Sights, uses a scope to increase both her damage and range when firing.

As for her abilities, the first, Distortion Field throws out a shield that effectively stops the enemy from being able to see her or her allies properly. The field does not block the vision of Octavia or her allies, so this offers them a real advantage.

The second ability is a jump ability, Commanding Leap. Using this ability, a player can leap into the air for an overhead view of the battlefield. They can also fire mid-jump, hammering their opponent with bullets from the air. She can combine this ability with Designated Sites and hover in the air for a short time, targeting a specific opponent from above.

As for her ultimate, Creeping Barrage allows Octavia to summon down a barrage of artillery, peppering the battlefield in a direct line with electrified beams.

You can see all of these abilities in action, as well as a few talents, in the video below. And, if you missed the teaser earlier this month, it’s the intro.

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