The last time we saw Splash Damage’s upcoming team-based FPS Extraction was at 2013’s PAX Prime. At that point in time Extraction had already undergone one name change after the devs teamed up with Nexon for publishing purposes, but at its core the game remained the same. A fun, relatively fast-paced shooter with Splash Damage’s signature focus on team-play. Now, after nearly 9 months of silence since its public debut at PAX, the FPS has reemerged once again, not as Extraction, but as Dirty Bomb.

What does this change mean for those interested? Not much really. According to Nexon, the team decided to revert the name change because they felt it fit the game’s unique personality better adding, players should “almost definitely” expect no further name changes before release. This makes sense seeing as Dirty Bomb takes place in the contaminated ruins of London after a mysterious disaster has forced most of its inhabitants to evacuate leaving rogue mercenary groups to fight for what remains inside.

Dirt Bomb is currently in a limited closed beta which is said to be ramping up in the coming months. The FPS is scheduled to launch into open beta later this year with Nexon running dedicated servers for Dirty Bomb in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

More info including how to sign up for the closed beta can be found on the official site here.

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  1. This is my impressions of game: Game has brilliant potential.But one thing is pain in the ass.And answer is toxic community.They didnt accept your feedback when you want something different than it is or improved they call you COD player idiot and much worse. Its really shame that such a good games nowadays have prick kids/fanboys (League of Legends,Dirty Bomb,APB Reloaded).Another game which will be either shut down or ghost town.And all thanks to their stupid community.

  2. Seriously? Region block? On this day and age?
    Ugh. I’ll never be able to play this game, even though i live relatively close to the US

  3. Why would they change back to the worse name? Extraction wasn’t exactly unique, but it was way better than “Dirty Bomb”. Wtf?

  4. why someone he want to block in a new zeeland ?? corruption ? very strange….open to all people….and if us law he want to block the game then report and share the information to know everybody what bad and error law he has usa or new zeeland


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