Overwatch 2 Game Director Says Season 6 Is Bigger Than Previous Seasons, And The Story Goes In-Depth... For $15

There will indeed be PvE content, just through Story Missions instead of Hero ones.

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Is there a glimmer of hope still for PvE in Overwatch 2?

Although the developers at Blizzard recently announced the cancellation of PvE content in the hero shooter through Hero Missions, they didn’t cancel everything. The upcoming Story Missions, set during the invasion of the Null Sector, will be part of the upcoming Season 6: Invasion. These missions take place in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, and Gothenburg and feature large maps, in-depth storylines, and intense battles against new enemy types like Annihilators and Stalkers.

"We typically don't go into depth in-game with our stories," game director Aaron Keller told Game Informer. That changes though with the upcoming missions, as they focus on the moment when Overwatch gets back together and answers Winston's recall.

In Toronto, for example, the player fights off waves of Null Sector grunts and artillery bots to protect an evac ship. New enemy types, such as Stalkers and Subjugators, pose challenges during the mission. According to Game Informer, the gameplay lasts around 31 minutes, showcasing the massive map size and diverse battles. Also, the missions allow for different character interactions and unique story elements based on the selected heroes.

The Story Missions will be released as part of the Overwatch 2: Invasion Bundle, which costs $15 and includes the three missions, a Legendary skin for Sojourn, Overwatch Coins, and access to Sojourn for new players that joined after her inclusion. The Ultimate Invasion Bundle costs $40, however, yet adds the Null Sector Premium Battle Pass, additional skins, and bonuses. Also, there's a bonus co-op mission called "Underworld" set in King's Row, a new PvP mode called Flashpoint, and Hero Mastery missions.

"[Season 6] is definitely bigger," Keller said, in comparison to previous seasons. "We don't want to save up content and save it for these giant releases years down that line; that's what a box release would be for a game.” The team repurposed some of the canceled Hero Missions into other content, and Keller hinted at reusing more of it in the future. This new season, which starts August 10, marks a significant content drop and aims to shift the live-service focus beyond just hero and map releases. The team plans to release more Story Missions and incorporate player feedback for future missions.

Note: Activision Blizzard has been sued by California’s Civil Rights Department, alleging violations of California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act and Equal Pay Act. CEO Bobby Kotick is alleged to have known about the alleged violations within his company. These allegations have all been denied by Activision Blizzard and the company points to additional diversity and inclusion training as past examples of taking the accusations seriously at the time they were made.

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