Path of Exile‘s got a new expansion coming out soon, and we’ll have more details on that next Tuesday. In advance of that, Grinding Gear Games has been making some smaller, though welcome, news, sure to please Exiles of all flavors.

Private leagues have been greatly expanded, upping the count from 2,000 to 3,000 players. That was yesterday’s limit, at least; GGG intends to up the count by 1,000 every day until it hits 10,000 “or if we hit any issues with size limits.” As usual, a private league’s owner can change the rule set any way they like, to make things more challenging or — this being Path of Exile, after all — even more challenging. No wimps allowed!

If you’d rather put your skills to the test making some real money, then you can take part in a special community-managed event a week from this Saturday, on Sept. 5. Hosted by three community groups, players will group up in teams of four to represent a charity and participate in a relay race, “tagging out” when one of their members defeats Dominus. Prizes are $800, $600, and $400 for first, second, and third, respectively, and there will be additional giveaways to viewers of the cast.

Path of Exile’s next expansion is currently planned for a Sept. 18 launch, though that could be changed. Supporter Packs will go on sale on Tuesday, while Supporter Packs for the previous Harvest league will still be offered through the next expansion’s duration.

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