When you ask me what’s the closest F2P MMO that resembles a Diablo experience the answer is simple, Path of Exile. The more Diablo-2-then-3 action MMO has been in some form of beta for a long time now, with initial closed beta access beginning way back in August 2011.

Originally the developers had hoped for a December 2012 launch date, but as we all know, dates are always subject to change. In the case of Path of Exile the game’s open beta has been delayed, but not by much. The new open beta date is scheduled for January 23rd, 2013. So about a month delayed depending on how you slice it. Perhaps the developers just wanted to see how this whole Mayan apocalypse thing played out first.

A more realistic reason came from Path of Exile’s lead designer Chris Wilson, who explained on the game’s forum that the developers “want the first few months of Open Beta to set the precedent” in terms of reacting quickly to feedback on the game and the ability to “add features/content the players want.” Chris went on say that the developers “do not want everyone’s first experience with the game to be that nothing changes for a month. If any unexpected problems arose or the game became very popular in December, the support team wouldn’t be at full strength to service the needs of all players”

In an age of developers rushing their titles into open beta, only to be faced with numerous bugs and player complaints, it is refreshing to see developers know their limitations on what they can deliver in a timely manner so as to not impede on players’ experiences. To that I silently tip my hat to you Grinding Gear.

If you would like to know more about Path of Exile you can check out our First Look above. Are you looking forward to playing Path of Exile?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. What was the diablo style mmorpg that had card summons??like you could summon party members or turrets or buffs. it had really nice graphics and was over head 3rd person…and instanced as far as i remember…….anyone??

  2. Game is shit i have played till lvl 82 was 1 of the best but so many bugs,so many delays…and not worth to mess with this game more than a week or so…there r other games out there that deserve a try but not this

    • I guess you are new to internets huh?
      Ofcourse there are bloody bugs and delays, what do you expect from game that is far from finished?
      Diablo 3 came out with more bugs than this and is still POS, Path of Exile is what D3 should have been and people who made it (with 10 or more times less budget) made it to make Blizzard be ashamed that they even exist, or whole bloody Activision lame moneyfags.
      End of story, go play D3 fanboy.. byeee

    • You played , buy you dont know what beta means , if you dont want half of the game to be bugged wait for release , dont play beta …
      The game seem nice , but if you dont like it your choice , i hope its not only cuz its “””bugged””” .

  3. Have they changed the “pay to respec” thing?
    I mean, you can’t respec without paying, and when you are new to the game, you have no knowledge going into it, and will have problems down the line.
    Kind of a dick move that you have to pay to respec, should be obtainable ingame.

    • There is and never was a pay to respec option. Respec points are obtainable through rare items called orbs of regret, which refund one point each. They can be received as quest rewards or purchased from certain vendors as well. Originally they wanted no respecs period but decided to compromise with the orbs. Its intentionally casual unfriendly

  4. Im 52 lvl there. Very interesting and good game! A HUGE skill tree, a good graphic and many different abilities make Path of Exile the best among Diablo style games

  5. Yes I am very excited about this game. I’m in the beta and I enjoy it a lot. I have a friend I play MMO’s with that I think will like it as well. The game is beautiful and well done. I just hope they pick a good f2p model.

    It is good to see that they’re not rushing the game. I haven’t found many issues with it, its run well on my system. It’ll be interesting to see what changes they do and if they add anything. So far the game is great! I think everyone should at least try it when it comes out.

    • The game is far from beautiful – you know… you look like a gypsy 90% of the time and there isn’t a single less ugly bad guy/monster there.

      BUT it is just incredible what they have done with it and personally my fingers get itchier and itchier with each day that passes 🙂


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