Post Malone Will Play Apex Legends As He Hosts ‘Gaming For Love’ Charity Livestream Event

The streams will each be around 6 hours long.

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Apex x Post Malone Charity Stream

Popular and well-known rapper Post Malone has teamed up with Respawn Entertainment for an Apex Legends charity stream event. Post Malone will participate in a series of Apex Legends livestreams where all proceeds from each stream will be donated to various charities. The Gaming For Love event will consist of four livestreams, each of which will take place this week on Twitch. Each stream will allow players to donate to a different charity via the Tiltify donation platform.

In addition, Apex Legends developers will also be donating $10,000 to each charity in this event. The first of the four streams has already come and went, but you can still catch the other three streams as follows:

Wednesday, July 20, 6 PM PT/ 9 PM ET: Project Hope

Friday, July 22, 6 PM PT/ 9 PM ET: United Way

Sunday July 24, 6 PM PT/9 PM ET: The Trevor Project

Post Malone has been an Apex Legends fan for many years, “There was no game that really, like, made me want to play video games,” he said during a February 2022 play session with Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy. “This game has really brought back my passion for gaming.”

If you are interested in Apex Legends, Post Malone, charity streams, or perhaps all three, then you should definitely check out the upcoming livestreams on Twitch.

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