There’s a new village to explore in Ragnarok Online Revo-Classic, 4game’s take on the classic MMORPG. It’s called Veins, and it’s found amidst the southern wastelands of Arunafeltz. Despite the sanguine title, it seems a peaceful, non-bloody kind of town, with vast mineral deposits nearby — rare Hetarium in particular — that have sparked both prospectors and tourists to visit the area.

Also added to the newest update are God items, artifacts that are about as powerful as they sound. Acquiring them will be a communal effort, though, requiring a certain number of quests to be completed by players all across the server, and only guild Leaders will be able to create one. I’d suggest making sure your guild is run by decent folks.

There’s a 20% drop rate bonus going on to celebrate the update, as well as a new event over the weekend, a black market auction, where players can compete for the Poring Jar costume. You’ll need Memos from the fight against Virus event to bid, so let’s hope you were especially good at staying home and playing video games.

Learn more about the new update on the RO site.

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