It hasn’t even been a month since Riders of Icarus opened to everyone, and already Nexon has revealed the free-to-play game’s first content update. Titled ‘Blight of the Frost Keep,’ the update increases the game’s level cap to 35 and adds new mounts for players to capture. This update is the first of several designed to bring the Western version of the game in line with its Asian counterpart.

Blight of the Frost Keep takes players to the perpetually cold Parna’s Coast. The permanent freeze is the result of a ‘Cold Wave’ that permeates the area. Players will need to prepare accordingly, using cold resistance and special familiars to combat the cold.

In this area, players will find a new dungeon for those level 34 and above — The Frost Keep. There is also a lower level dungeon — 28 and above — known as Cavern of the Veil.

In addition to these things, there is a rather hefty list of new additions, including Alliances, Special Events, and more. A full list of all of these can be found on the Riders of Icarus site.

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  1. Game is nothing specialo, again ugly pokemon faces half naked kid characters with huge boobs, these brainl;ess asians not understand that west are sick of these copy paste games, after 3 days of playing i saw 2 players ingame only, no point to waste time in dead game!There is few good things, u not need to run for loot when u kill mobs, when u going neverending brainless quests like kill 10 mobs here u need to kill only 3.

  2. I’m considering on trying the MMOs in the asian markets because the western markets hasn’t given a decent MMO that I’ve liked in over 2 years. And I don’t need no english patch because I don’t want to use one. I got other plans instead.

    • The problem with Asian MMOs is that they’re mass produced and often lack any quality whatsoever.

      I was fairly disappointed by Riders of the Icarus, personally.

    • Yeah I was kinda disappointed with Riders of the Icarus also. I’ve pretty much given up on western MMOs all they seem to be is paid 2 win or half finished projects or have a very bad publisher.


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