Rift Celebrates Twelve Years Of Existence With The Carnival Festival Event

Earn all kinds of goodies over the next month.

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Rift Carnival

Rift is turning twelve and today gamigo announced the celebration of the MMORPG’s anniversary with the Carnival Festival. During this four-week event, players will be able to earn all kinds of goodies including loot bags and mounts. They’ll also be able to collect Carnival Prize Tickets by completing a Carnival game and use them to pick up even more rewards via the RIFT store.

To take part in the celebration, players will need to talk to Dantwor Honey-Tongue in Tempest Bay and pick up the weekly quest. This will task them with completing 50 carnival mini-games in order to earn 2 Auroral Doubloons that can be exchanged for rewards. The mini-games are repeatable and include things like the Balloon Stomp, so players shouldn’t have any problem getting the 50 mini-games done.

In addition to weekly quests, there are daily quests. Players can visit Sijay Creg in their home city to pick up quests and complete five Carnival instant adventures.

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