Sometimes I think there is a big conspiracy going on between developers of browser based MMOs. How else do you explain the apparent “freeze” on innovation from foreign browser MMOs? The list of features most browser MMOs carry are the same features we saw when they were first introduced years ago.

At first glance Starlight Story, Aeria Games latest browser MMORPG seems to unfortunately be following along the same footsteps as its predecessors. 2D anime style graphics? Check. Ability to transform into other forms for increased damage and new abilities? Check. Combat Pets? Check. Typical fantasy storyline involving the savior of your doomed planet? Check. I am the Nostradamus of 2D browser MMOs.

Beyond the features listed above, Starlight Story aims to offer players a wealth of content for both PvE and PvP. This includes a wide variety of dungeons and challenging world bosses as well as PvP arena matches that reward players with prizes and bragging rights. The game is currently in closed beta, but I suppose the term “closed” isn’t really applicable since everyone can access it here right now without a beta key.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I tend to avoid Aeria Games as much as humanly possible,nowadays. This is pretty much why. I logged in last night,just to see if this game had anything new to offer… Alas,it’s bad. Really,really bad. Honestly,I can just barely distinguish this game from the other million out right now that look and play exactly like it. The screen is cluttered,the gameplay is stale and the storyline is generic. Yuck.

  2. Ya know, I used to have tons of respect for Aeria Games..
    My first taste was Shaiya.. And I thought it was a pretty cool game back in the day..
    Then I played Domo.. It was a decent casual game with LOTS of class options that I thought were cool..
    Then I played Grand Fantasia.. That too was a nod in a good direction.. Very enjoyable..
    Got to play Shin Megami Tensei Online.. It was confusing at first, but once my “Mabinogi combat” knowledge kicked in I was good to go..
    Then I tried Kingdom Heroes.. At the time it was the very best 3K MMO I had ever played..
    Then I hopped into Dynasty Warriors Online.. What an incredible game! I love Dynasty Warriors, an even BETTER 3K mmo!..

    And that is when things took a dramatic turn for the worse… Kitsu Saga.. Legendary Champions..Turf Battles..Dragon Sky.. A ton of browser based garbage…Then close Repulse, find ways not to release Lime Odyssey (which had a beta a while ago), and kept bringing XLegend games that all use the same graphics engine and even game mechanics.. ugghhhh… DOWN THE DRAIN!!!

    They obviously do not take the industry serious anymore.. More like what Facebook is to Zynga.. A place to farm cash by any means necessary..

  3. Even for a browser game, this is pretty bad. Too bad there are so many lemmings that play AGE games, if it wasn’t for them, we might actually start getting better quality games.

    I logged in just to take a peak…

    Yeah, it is that bad.

  4. DWO(dynasty warriors online)was and is currently the only game i played from aeria games idk why aeria does this to themselfs i mean they literaly release a crappy(usually)mmo every week or month or somethign without updating any of their(as inflictious said)old games and idk about their other games but DWO defentely needs updating and thats probably the main reason it died just like raiderz is currently slowly dying(talking abotu us verion)cause there are NO updates.

  5. Oh, well, another anime browser based mmo.Cool, i dont give a damm.
    Aeria, why?
    You anounce a new game every week!You dont update your old games that are full of hackers!!
    Hell, you even CLOSE games and anounce others!(RIP Repulse).
    And lets not talk about Lime Odissey…
    Thats why i never played another game from Aeria, since Grand Fantasia and its broken cash shop.


  6. What’s this? No really, Why this……

    When was this made?

    Aeria… Magicman did a first look for Lime Odessy Mar 14, 2012 almost a year ago, Sure the game at that time was alpha testing… but he thought the game was pretty good and ready to go as a cbt …. So they make and release a game that i for 1 will Never play or give a dime to…

    Make’s no sence.


      • lol , Thank’s… I don not follow Aeria game’s at all.. I do have thier launcher though ” Ignite”
        But i have played Gunz since International , and the 100’s of $$ i spnet through IjjI..well all my items and chars got transfered it is the Only game i play through them.



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