Teamfight Tactics, the auto-chess mode found inside League of Legends, has a monthly player count of 33 million, who play a collective 720 million hours per month and have played nearly two billion hours total. This is leading Riot Games to “feel confident in really doubling down on TFT’s development,” and some of those plans were revealed in a blog post today.

In addition to the above numbers, Riot also that a competitive scene for TFT is in the works for 2020. That’s due in part to a four-to-one ratio of ranked games to unranked games, with the mode being “incredibly resonant in some of our most competitive regions like Korea.” The global average peak concurrent players in League went up 30% when TFT launched, and there was a 35% increase in total game hours in China after launch.

If numbers aren’t enough for you, how about a chart? The one below shows how many hours various League modes have been played following their launch, and the only one that’s on par with Teamfight Tactics is All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF), and even that was in decline by its second month. TFT grew explosively and has held steady, with about double the hours of long-running popular ARAM mode. It’s likely that Riot has found a hit with TFT, one that will be around for years to come.



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