Roblox Suing Banned Content Creator For $1.6 Million For "Terrorist Threats" And Other Crimes

Allegedly tried to upload nudes, Hitler, sex games to children's platform.

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Roblox is suing one of its former content creators for $1.6 million for leading a "cybermob" and posting "terrorist threats," as well as for harassing users, using slurs, and uploading inappropriate pictures to the platform, Polygon reports.

Benjamin Robert Simon, who goes by the name "Ruben Sim," has understandably been banned from Roblox but has created or stolen accounts to circumvent the actions taken against him. His in-game transgressions include attempting to upload pictures of Adolf Hitler, naked pictures of himself, and a sex game, as well as various actions to circumvent chat filters (like "fu cking"). Simon also allegedly engaged in "targeted harassment" of Roblox users and employees in the game and on social media.

The lawsuit also alleges that Simon said on his social media accounts that people shouldn't attend the Roblox Developers' Conference in San Francisco on a particular day earlier this year, making allusions to the shooting at YouTube headquarters in 2018. He Tweeted out a false news report that there was a "notorious Islamic Extremist" in the area of the conference and posted a video to YouTube titled "SOMEONE BLOW UP ROBLOX NOW!" The event was locked down while police and security made a sweep of the premises, actions which Roblox claims cost them more than $50,000.

You can read the entire lawsuit here, which lists many more instances of Simon's misbehavior than we have room to write in one article. Suffice it to say, I don't think anyone could disagree with the actions taken by the Roblox corporation to hit this guy for everything he's worth, and more. And, future note to any other developers who are faced with a persistent harasser they want to boot off their platform or out of their community permanently: this is the way to do it, through the court system, not by issuing a DMCA takedown.

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