Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online Kicks Off "Into The Fray" Update Today

As the 12th major update to come to the game, it's changing a lot of things up!

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

Into The Fray Update

"Into the Fray," Albion Online's 12th major update for the sandbox MMORPG, rolled out today with plenty of new features, changes, and improvements. Magic Staffs got a massive overhaul, 5v5 PvP has some new Arena content, and much more is now available on PC and mobile.

We reported back in May that Magic Staffs would make "reworked abilities bring renewed depth and strategy," allowing mages in Albion Online to have a more diverse kit in combat. Whether to cooperate with teammates or strike out solo, mages will be able to adapt. Other notable improvements to Magic Staffs freshen up the visuals, audio, and animations of newer and older Magic Staffs. Developer Sandbox Interactive discussed the motivations behind the changes on YouTube.

For the PvPers in Albion Online, two new features for 5v5 content are now live. There's the ranked Crystal Arena with quick signups and rewards that increase with progression, and the Non-Lethal Crystal League that lets newer PvP players participate in the league without huge starting costs. Regardless of which mode a player commits to, they can gain new Wardrobe Skins alongside Fame and Silver.

You can read the patch notes on the Albion Online developer blog for more tidbits of what to expect in the game. Will you be playing some Albion PvP or trying out Magic Staffs? Let us know below!

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