Midwinter Entertainment will be opening up the wide world of Scavengers to everyone next week. If you’re still uncertain as to how some aspects of the game will work, the dev team has been producing regular FAQ posts and just dropped another one today that’s worth a read.

“There’s a lot of lore,” wrote Game Designer TJ, and colleague Ben B. adds that there are “a lot of ‘blank spaces’ where mysteries can be discovered and the story can continue.” One player suggested a train that players could hop on — odd for a post-apocalyptic wintry hellscape, but whatever — and TJ said that there are some “cool prototypes around different transportation options.”

One player, who’s apparently new to online gaming, asks if the developers will be “regularly changing up the strength of characters and weapons to keep the ‘meta’ constantly changing.” Shockingly, the answer is “yes,” with TJ saying that they “don’t want to make heavy changes too often or the game will feel chaotic and difficult for players to learn.” Ah, such noble goals! Ben chimes in with “We’re going to keep improving this game for years” and “We’ll adjust accordingly to encourage broad roster utilization and diverse builds.” Breaking news: Game developers plan to keep developing their game!

As for balance within a match, leveling comes in three forms. There’s your in-match level, which goes up as you perform tasks and you get better gear; your explorer level, which grants access to character-specific cosmetic content; and your account level, which gives you more research and unlocks for explorers, cosmetics, and boosts. The latter two just unlock options, having no effect on power level in a match.


  1. And it beings a new cycle of clones for the next fab. So they can collect money when one is addicting enough.

    Gaming is truly dead.


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