As if there wasn’t enough debate over the free to play version of Star Wars: The Old Republic. To add fuel to that fire, Bioware made an announcement that had players leaping for joy, and almost a minute later questioning some of Bioware’s decision making again. It seems that SW:ToR will be getting a new digital expansion next Spring. Rise of the Hutt Cartel is set to raise the level cap to 55, add one new planet, and throw in (you guessed it) MORE STORY! While this mostly came as good news to players, the next tidbit has some gamers, particularly those that subscribe, scratching their heads.

It seems this digital expansion is now available for pre-order and if you do so before January 7th you’ll get 5 days of early access to the expansion. Yes. I meant pre-order. Both free AND sub based players will have to pay for the expansion. Free players get charged $19.99 and subscribed players get the “deal” of a $9.99 price tag.

I have to admit, it doesn’t sound like an expansion to me. Maybe I’m wrong but 1 planet and 5 levels sounds more like a content update that should be free, at least to subscribed players if nothing else. While details are scarce right now I really hope they add to this “expansion”. What you you think though? Check out the very limited information here and comment below to let us know your thoughts!

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Wanted to give it a try the other day, But after I had downloaded over 20 GB at 90’s era speed (despite an idle 100MBit connection) and the game seriously expected me to wait for another 9 GB to download I just stopped giving a damn.

  2. I think this sounds like more of an expansion then any of WoW’s expansions which were more so “game changing/game ruiners” and also only for $10(subs) $20(free players). I mean I play GW2, every expansion will likely be $60 (game has no sub) those I expect to have a bigger amount of content, for $20 I’d expect 5 levels and a new planet….
    The problem with most gamers (MMOers for sure) is how spoiled and obnoxious they can be. They all lack a great deal of understanding on how the Video game market/business works. They made a game with some very unique features, made it more accessible (F2P), and now are adding more content in a fairly cheap expansion…stop bitchin’ if you don’t like the game, don’t play.

  3. I played the beta & thought this was such a dumbed down version of what it could have been, especially compared to pre NGA star wars galaxies. Now its WoW in space! When it went f2p my gf got excited because she wasn’t able to get into the beta. She reluctantly got me to redownload the game and join her. Seeing “paying players get this” and “paying players get that” after clicking everything and being reminded that f2p players are gimped was a real downer for both of us. Especially not even being able to SPRINT or get more hotkey bars. I don’t even think that the ones lining their pockets actually play the game. If having to pay to unlock 5 more levels isn’t pay to win then I don’t know what is. Everyone should just stop playing and switch to Planetside 2 or Mech Warrior Online. Both have much better f2p models!

  4. Is digital expansion the fancy new term for MMO DLC?

    This does not sound like a REAL expansion. It sounds like extortion. I hope that I’m wrong though. I hope there will be more to this “expansion” than we know. :/ I really do. Otherwise that’s just really pathetic and I feel sorry for the addicts who will rush out to buy this only to be ultimately disappointed.

  5. Bioware is in a state of denial that ive never heard off if they think that this is a good idea and that it will be enough content to keep players in the game.. Let alone pay for it lol.
    I foresee this being a good debate in a upcomming F2P cast, its too good a rant to pass up 😉

  6. Snail Games,Bioware…..meh just sad i am really dissapointed of how companies handle mmos this days i know all is about money but come on really?5 lvls 1 planet(which is assume 1 “map” i quess?correct me if i am wrong)20 usd?or even 10 usd for subscribers?mistake 1:really screwed up f2p conversation mistake 2:subscribers shouldn’t be paying for what seems to be a “slight” update since they ALREADY PAYIN subscription meh the way this goes even if i could play subscribtion for this game i would never do it

  7. Wow lol, I just wanted to see what was on mmo bomb before I went to bed and I ended up writing all this. Oh well, I’m going to just get off my pc now.

  8. This game is gonna end the same as WOW , ther are players like me who just doont want and will not pay for a game online 🙂

    and there will be “private servers ” free servers to play this free and that will be pretty mouch better than the orginal server so sad to say it but thats what happens to the pay 2 win good games .

  9. Well… If nothing else this will surely kill the game which is a shame cause the potential was there. I tried it out way back when it was free til lvl 15 and the story was fun. There’s been even some really nice environments… Wasn’t all that horrible what I expected.

    I haven’t gone back to it after the f2p conversion because I hate so much restrictions on a game. I’d been much more of a fan of these if they’d done it the way TSW handles it for now which is really making me wonder:

    It does worths for Funcom to open up the game without restrictions to players (sure for a onetime boxfee… 30 euro is a good deal on that tho…) but it doesn’t for a much bigger publisher and developer pair (as I suspect it wasn’t a one-sided choice by BioWare but EA had their voice on the matter as well…)

    • Well TSW is joining the buy to play model that guild wars does; I think that is pretty smart. I mean think about it, people don’t like paying monthly for mmos but they don’t like the restrictions of free to play games. I think you’re right, the best way for the developer to get money with pleasing the consumer at the same time is probably only the buy to play model that guild wars and tsw now

      • I agree, buy 2 play has been my favorite model since the first Guild Wars. I personally take breaks for a week or 2 every now and then, so something that doesn’t force me to pay money for time I will hardly use is more than welcome, and I know a lot of people are with me on that one.

        • Yes I can say Buy 2 Play is THE BEST model to go for. It’s a standard model for the games industry that’s pretty solid on one factor. It drops the tricky part “How long” in the real question, “Will they play it?”

          Subscription based games do make more, but they’re approval ratings are so low in the industry. Adding a premium sub option to a game, buy or free, doesn’t seem like bad deal if done right. SWTOR, Does this ass-backwards. They’re trying to use envy to draw more subs by teasing the free players with so much content. It’s borderline Runescape!

  10. First! Yeah, that’s right I just did that so shut the full cup lol. Personally I think this is going to a pretty cool content, I love star wars and I love bioware. So for me Swtor is like a dream come true, I can’t wait for this expansion to come out even though I probably wont be level 50 by the time this content update comes out.

    • Also I forgot to add one thing, the only thing about this that I don’t like is how you have to pay for the expansion. Like… the heck?! I would understand if f2p players had to pay, but subscribers too? That doesn’t make much sense, at least it’s 50% off.

      • Pay2win, pay4fun….this game is slowly going down and sooner or later it will become mediocre MMO just like any other f2p EA title, not because the game itself sucks but because of the greed. If you look at all EA’s f2p titles they are all mediocre titles on f2p market. With their retarded pay2win/pay4fun decisions they firstly kill the playerbase and then make their games more pay2win/pay4fun because they start to lose money. Before SWTOR was released you could hear “will SWTOR destroy WoW?”. Now there is no question that it won’t. Also, your enthusiasm will slowly start to fade away when they make more retarded decisions like this and they surely will because they’ll slowly start to lose money and they will try to milk more money on every way they can. And then you’ll start to think “why am I clicking and spending money on this game, it’s stupid…”

        • Wouldn’t surprise me if the game dropped off the face of the earth. I mean it didn’t last long before adding a F2P option. EA won’t hesitate to close this game when given the chance, That chance is when players start to walk away from the game and/or enough people b%^h at them.


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