Swords Of Legends Online 2.1.2 Patch Launches Hard Mode Dungeons, PvP Season, And Moonsea Event

Update is now live and available for download.

Anthony Jones
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Swords of Legends Online 2.1.2

Gameforge has released update 2.1.2 for Swords of Legends Online today, debuting two Hard Mode dungeons, the New Moon PvP Season, a Moonsea Event, and much more.

Now unlocked are the Three-Legged Sea and Wild Demon Isle Hard Mode versions for groups of 5-10 players. The dungeons will drop item level 225 gear amongst other items obtainable from mobs. Also, their loot eligibility resets weekly at 6:00 a.m. server time on Thursdays.

The New Moon PvP Season for Garden of Blades starts today in-game, allowing players to gain new Moon Seals that let them receive unique rewards. Players can get their hands on cosmetics like the "New Moonlight Gear" or earn the "New Moon Swordfighter" title. By winning the Battle Squad mode in the Garden of Blades, players will receive Battle Squad Points and toward the end of the season is when rewards will be distributed based on player ranking. The top 10 will receive the Accolade "New Moon Master," while the top 80 will earn the emote New Moon.

In the Moonsea Event, players can pick up a new quest each week but will need to complete the previous one to continue the questline. Starting from June 30, there will be four in total, coming to a head toward the end of July. Quest progress will be saved and shared across a player's account. By collecting Battle Pass Season Tokens, players can unlock the next stage of the quest and gain rewards such as an Avatar Set for sticking with the event.

You can read the patch notes for the new Swords of Legends Online update on the official website.

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