May the 4th, one of the most celebrated dates among nerds everywhere, is just a few days away. Of course, the Star Wars: the Old Republic team is celebrating with special new rewards.

In honor of the event, the SWTOR team has created a new droid mini-pet as well as a new speeder for players to pick up. To qualify for the new M4-Y7 Astromech Droid, players need to log into game on May 7. Everyone who does will be able to claim the little guy via their in-game mail starting May 9.

As for the speeder, the TF-4 Rampage is available only to Premium Players who will find it in their mail on June 7.

In addition to the above items, BioWare is also offering players a chance to earn double XP, double Command XP, and double Starfighter Requisitions between May 3 and May 11.

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      • Thanks, I already know about it, I’m just saying that they shut down the original for this WoW clone and they should shut it down and bring the old stuff back. What a bunch of greedy monkeys…

  1. This title will always suffer if they want to stick to this charade of it being a free-to-play game. The only thing that they’re doing with their F2P platform is bringing new players in and pissing those players off (can’t get a lick of support as an F2P player, or silver player), So they are leaving and not returning. SWTOR should have done more research on how free to play games operate and make their money while keeping their numbers up before they actually converted to “Free to Play”.


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