Now we’ve got some official details on the next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Between Electronic Arts’ presentation at E3 2015 and the new page for the expansion, here’s what we know:

A third faction enters the galaxy, and your character, The Outlander, will be the focal point of the struggle between these newcomers, the Republic, and the Sith. The KotFE expansion will include the first nine (of 16) chapters of this story, which will be continued in future releases. You’ll have eight different stories to explore, one for each class, and a new team of allies to build to assist you in your journeys. As the trailer shows, the story seems to revolve around a pair of brothers, one Republic and one Sith. Exactly how players fit into this narrative is still unknown.

It sounds almost like a “restart” for the game, setting new characters up at level 60 and letting them recruit new followers and experience a class-based story — all elements of the game that players generally enjoyed at launch. It seems to deliver on the promises of being “the largest story-driven expansion to date” that we heard in a press release last week.

Knights of the Fallen Empire will be free to subscribers and release on Oct. 27 and there are a bunch of in-game goodies you can collect at launch for being a subscriber by certain dates. Subscribers also get the 12x bonus to XP that was popular in the wake of the Shadow of Revan expansion.

Does Knights of the Fallen Empire rekindle your hope in SWTOR and make you want to play again?


  1. The best part about Swtor…. the trailers. They are cinematic worthy, sadly the game itself isn’t nearly as interesting. Wish they would just make a kotor 3 :s

  2. 8. Is the Outlander a new class in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
    No, Knights of the Fallen Empire keeps the 8 core classes, but your character’s story becomes that of the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War.

    Thought I throw this out there…notice how every toon ,regardless of class, will wake up as the Outlander……soooooooo..this is just going to be a single story expansion,just like all the ones before it….Oh you can find further details at Dulfy’s site, and I trust that site for SWtOR info,
    So yeah continuing class stories. <=(

  3. Trailers are suppose to make you want to play a game.
    I want to play SWTOR now.
    But then I remember what SWTOR is.
    And what SWG Was.
    Sure Swtor has the story and lore but SWG had the universe.

    Just make a KOTOR 3, they have a new mass effect, put this MMO behind you Bioware, get approved for another Single player Star Wars RPG. Please >:

      • Incorrect, in fact *every expansion* at release had to be bought separately.

        Rise of the Hutt Cartel
        Shadow of Revan

        Both these expansion had to be bought even by subs, the previous expansions are available when you buy the latest one.


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