It’s time to get ready for yet another Asian MMO import. The MMORPG in question this time is The Aurora World (try to say Aurora 5 times fast), a tri-faction MMO with notable feature highlights such as 300-player PvP battles, a pet system that evolves as you level while doubling as a mount and…yeah that’s all I’ve got. That isn’t to say that is all there is to do in the game. There are PvE quests and inevitable bosses to slay all in an effort to restore balance to a war torn land destroyed at one point in time by angry gods (what MMO land hasn’t been). In the end though, I had a hard time finding more available info on the game.

A quick glance at the site reveals all the aforementioned features along with 4 professions to choose from, each having two sub-classes you can spec into. Curiously 3 of the professions are magic based in some way with only one profession, -the typical Warrior- utilizing physical attacks. Regardless, if you want to try out The Aurora World you will need to wait till March 7th which is when the official closed beta is set to launch. Beta keys will be made available soon and you can bet we will have some here for you to snag in order to try the game out for yourself. Check out the trailer above for some random gameplay and a cute panda wearing a backpack.

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  1. It’s not about game developer. It’s more about game players. I like Age of Wushu which combines PVP and MMO, no class and career. It has thousands of Kung Fu skills, internal skills, and fighting styles. It’s totally different from other fight games.

  2. btw this game is a total rip of tantra online (great game in the time), toons, maps, gods, everything !
    guess wat? it went down becouse the company got too greedy, and now, one private server own it.

  3. i done the Alpha test

    The game was fun but after 30 got HARD and at the time we had 0 Healers in are nation and 4 warriors lvl 31+ try to do the 1st dungeon and we fail so hard mobs hit you for 400-600 a time and your hp is only 3000 (we were good geared xD) but apart from that the game is fun and the pet is mount idea is BRILL flying swords/discs and also Epic looking Dragon how can you go rong the Item mall in game can make it P2W but not so much in this game from what i seen in Alpha test

  4. Graphics really aren’t that bad but I am from the nes and snes era so I’m not as spoiled as most modern gamers when it comes to that. The pets look interesting and I don’t mind tab target as long as the controls aren’t completely horrible. Animations seem to make up for the dated visuals but we’ll just have to wait and see if it was worth translating it or not. I usually prefer games that take a unique artistic approach if visuals are sacrificed for gameplay though so i am not going to hold my breath in anticipation for this.

  5. There is still a market for these old school,tab target MMORPGS. The graphics are not really that bad. My computer isn’t high end,though,so I do tend to go for games with lower graphical settings.That being said,I’ll probably pass. Doesn’t really seem like my type of game. There may still be a market for this type of game,I’m just not part of that market.

  6. as “shocking” as this may be for most of you guys i liek tab target games i dont “prefer” them over games like tera or raiderz in which u move “freely” by a way and u got full control of your char but idk i like em i will give this game a try for sure even though its outdated although i dont like the “4 classes 3 sorcerers and 1 warrior class” idea if what the article say is true ofc but we will see

  7. Games need to have the graphic level of Tera or Wildstar to get my attention. Its 2013, dont develop games that look last century.

    • I agree. Companies should look what is going on with the market and stop from early stages to invest money in sure to fail games. Players nowadays are firstly attracted by the graphics, gameplay mechanic, content and story in this orders. If you think you develop games for 10 year old PCs you better think again. Those people if they were 10 now they are 20 so they will buy a new PC for sure.

      • the order you gave is not necceserly right and i dont think u in a position to say what u said and represent all games of the world of so graphics isnt the 1st thing gamers look i personally first check gameplay even if graphics are 10 years old or so also some new games(planetside 2,tera and so on)need high spec pcs and people arent in a position to change a graphci card or a video card or a sound card or anything at all computer wise every month anymore there is an economy crisis and idk where u live and if u fell the economy ripping u apart but personally it does that to me.i am also not sure if u talkin about ages here(the 10,20 numbers you refered to)but there will be always new and old gamers througout the world its not like people will suddenly stop getting interested on mmos so thats my answer if u were refering to ages and 1 last thing i thing companies(old ones especially or companies who have many games under their names)are too busy tryin to get a new game out and get money to pay attention to whats going on with other companies games i am personally glad this game will be out cause tera,vindictus.raiderz(these 3 are just examples)and games like that seem overall the same thing to me maybe its not your cup of tea?idk just dont speak as u represent every game in the world please.Thanks for your opinion and have a nice day

        • I would agree with you, but those asian games, especially the new 2.5d browsers, are the most expensive.
          And sadly there are players spending lots of money on these games, just to be on the top rank.
          why? because some are noobs, and others have few time to play , so they can only win by money. and that kind of games give them that opportunity.
          And we all know it, so do not come with bullshit talk, couse these companies only care one thing, our money!

  8. it is outdated because the company didn’t have the money to make it look better? or the developers purposely sqaundered quality in order to make it faster. Either way just another cash grabber.


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