The Summer Update 2023 Is Now Live In Tibia, Featuring The Rotten Blood And Paradise Lost Quests

There’s several quality-of-life features introduced to the MMORPG as well.

Matthew D'Onofrio
By Matthew D'Onofrio, News Editor Posted:

tibia client artwork july 2023

Summer has come to Tibia.

The Summer Update 2023 has launched and it brings forth the Rotten Blood quest, which takes adventurers to the dangerous Ruins of Drefia where they must face formidable bosses and overcome challenging obstacles. Also, there’s the sequel to the Grimvale Quest — called Paradise Lost — where players embark on a journey to uncover the mysterious secrets of an unknown island and its connection to the were-curse.

There’s several quality-of-life features introduced to the MMORPG as well. The Wheel of Destiny Preset function allows players to easily switch between different configurations of the Wheel of Destiny while inside the temple, and presets can be imported, exported, and shared with friends or transferred to other characters. The Wheel of Destiny Planner is a website tool that helps players personalize their character's preset by allocating points and provides information on Promotion Points needed.

Additionally, the Loot Highlighting feature enhances looting by visually highlighting un-looted corpses. Then there’s the Managed Container Extension, which organizes purchased and retrieved items automatically based on pre-set filters. Lastly, the Bosstiary Tracker is a widget that simplifies progress tracking for defeated bosses, including cooldown times, keeping players informed about their boss encounters.

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