The Open Beta for NEXON and IMCGames Korea’s Tree of Savior is launching next month; bringing with it a staggering 53 playable classes. This is a sizeable increase over the already impressive 44 classes that have been available in previous testing phases.

News of the additional 9 playable classes comes via Steparu, along with the information that IMCGames actually toned down their plans for classes a bit, as they’d originally intended for the free-to-play game to have 80 different classes and over 10 Ranks. The current plan is to go with the 53 classes and up to 7 class ranks for Open Beta.

You can get a look at some of the classes in action in these videos recorded by the site inven at G-Star 2015.

More information about Tree of Savior and its upcoming Open Beta can be found here.

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  1. wtf are they thinking? this game isnt ready to go obt yet. theres sooo many bugs in it still. for instance due to anonymity here ill will disclose these to you all. theres a bug that prevents people form creating parties a bug that glitches you up top of the boss monsters occasionally you cannot get hit and can auto atk it to death avoiding all the mechanics while staying safe. you’d think that was was good but occasionally you get stuck in mid air because of it. the auction house stops working about 5 times a day sometimes. the party chat and wsp chat get bugged and you dont actually receive peoples messages. regardless of your pc theres also a bug where it looks like your actual screen monitor turns all static like when too many things are on screen. high server lag make it so load times are long sometimes and when taking pots during these times causes the pot to actually be drunk about 10 secs after you clicked the button. the auction house eats your times sometimes so its not safe to sell high value items on there without also improperly labels your plus’s up items as not plus’d up after a unknown ammount of time pass’s since it was last posted up there cuaseing you to have to repost it up there. theres an armband that once you put it on you cant log back into the game again. you just stay at char select unable to play your char. not an issue on a lowbie but on a lvl 130 quite a heart breaker. upgradeing leather plate or clothe proficiency passive doest actually say what it does. we all know its good. but we’re not sure on the specifics. over 6 dungeons were withheld from us at the 100 lvl. we have no idea how those play out or how littered with bugs they are. you cannot add anyone as a friend. you send the request they get it they hit accept nothing happens. so unless chat is working and you can tell ea other where you are its tough to get in party with a in game friend upon logging in. items that drop for someone in your party get stuck in the ground once in a blue moon. no one in party can pick it up.

    now despite all these issue im 100% addicted to this game. i’ve broken my sleep over it several times this week and the last because it is soo much fun tryin to get to that next lvl or making $ for sweet gears. most these bugs have a work around. simply knowing about some helps alot in avoiding their frustrations altogether. combat feels oh so impactful and it just never gets old exploding a mob into tiny bits and watching $ and the occasional item pop out. its awesome! if you try ToS i almost guarantee you’l love it depending on your tolerance for beta testing games and their bugs. me? i live here int he beta test world i eat sleep and breathe beta test.i dont mind. it but to be perfectly honest this game IS NOT ready for OBT. unless some of the listed bugs get fixed over this current week its just not ready yet.

    • They seem to not really be updating the iCBT version.

      Most of these issues get fixed on a daily basis for the KR version, and the much larger issues get fixed in a mega patch in between phases.

      More than likely it’s all been fixed/changed by the time OBT even hits.

      Yeah, their that active.

      • i apologize for forgetting to mention we get updates on this beta weekly where they address most the issue i listed. sometimes we get fixes hourly such as the auction house getting fixed 5 times yesterday. the devs have been working so hard harder than any other mmorpg i’ve ever played most times you bring something up to them and unless it been reported multiple times they just cast it aside. this team of people working on our game are on point. and very active about addressing concerns. they are simply put great. still not reay for obt tho.

    • Your 100% right, I am also addicted to the game despite all these things, as well as the linearity of the game, but hey it’s a tree that we are climbing.

  2. Great game thank god!! 😉
    But, yet another compulsive Steam following freak that see’s no other avenues!
    When the PC in right their FACES! they are all bloody blind falling for the piped piper.


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