Rift Celestial Storm

Last month, Trion Worlds temporarily made its most recent expansion free, due to a naming conflict with a children’s charity. The free weekend apparently went so well that Trion’s decided to make the change permanent.

Prophecy of Ahnket (formerly Starfall Prophecy) is now free to all Rift players. The move comes in anticipation of the next update, Celestial Storm, which will be coming to the game next month and will also be free. That update will add a new overland zone, quests, raid rifts, and four primalist souls when it launches on July 19.

You can dig into the lore of the update and learn more about all its features on the Rift site.

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  1. those who paid just received an early access, dont need to complain. it wasn’t a huge amount, the game is well made and cheap in comparison to games years ago. really how much have you spent in time playing Rift?

    • 30 for a uncomplete bugged release is cheap?:D in comparision you can buy witcher 3 with all dlc for that, and I don’t know how many games you played be rift is the furthest thing from well made game, shitty optimisation, tons of bugs everywhere that weren’t fixed since release, especially raids were such shitfest it’s not even funny, lost multiple runs due to bosses bugging out and becoming immortal or getting stuck on certain stage making you unable to do it’s mechanics.

  2. It’s not well done I paid for that expac, I bought soul packs too so I could do crap in that expac, Trion can honestly go blow themselves, I’m sorry if you choose to make an expansion buy 2 play and thousands of people buy it. Then stick to your balls and actually stick with the marketing type. Don’t screw over your veteran players. Trion isn’t getting any more money out of me thats for sure. No company deserves the money that goes into their game and blows off the fact that those buyers were the ones supporting their game and it shouldn’t be handed out for free.

    • Hey, if Trion made the expac 1 cent would that make you stop whining?

      Trick question – I know it wouldn’t.

      You know that prices for old games generally go DOWN, right?


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