Loot boxes are finally drawing the attention of Congress here in the United States. Yesterday, Nov. 27, Senator Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) issued a request for an investigation into loot boxes during a hearing of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation subcommittee.

Hassan called loot boxes “an area that could use additional oversight by the FTC,” especially as they pertain to the way children interact with them. She mentioned the regulations that exist in other countries, such as Belgium, The Netherlands, and Japan and implored the committee to investigate the issue, receiving a positive response.

Hassan claimed that loot boxes will represent $50 billion in income for game developers by the year 2022, “according to the latest research polls.”

So here we have it: The highest levels of the United States government are finally discussing loot boxes. Other states, notably Hawaii, have addressed the issue, though such legislation has typically not gotten very far. With things progressing to this point, however, it’s hard to think that something won’t be implemented, at some point, on a nationwide basis. It might take several more months, or even years, but it’s coming.

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  1. ThatOneGuy on November 30, 2018

    Why would you use a picture of Marvel Heroes?
    And my main character Jean Grey? Screw you MMOBOMB Q_Q

  2. Lerch2000 on November 28, 2018

    And yes I know there is a problem with loot boxes but we as gamers allow this to happen. If people stopped buying them then they would disappear.

    • Curst on November 30, 2018

      If people stopped buying them, publishers would have simply added more valuable / desirable to the random rewards pool.

      • Lerch2000 on December 1, 2018

        Still falls back to what I said. 🙂

        • Curst on December 2, 2018

          It really doesn’t if you know anything about psychology.

          • Lerch2000 on December 2, 2018

            It must be nice living in a world where you don’t have to take responsibility for your own actions. You are right, I am not a Psychology major and I seriously doubt you are either, regardless you have a nice life and wish you the best.

  3. Lerch2000 on November 28, 2018

    ….nothing good ever comes from government involvement. Don’t want your kids to buy loot boxes don’t give them the money (its called parenting).