War Thunder is headed to the Playstation 4 it seems. Gaijin Entertainment announced today its plans to debut War Thunder on the console in time for this year’s holiday season. It seems as though console players will be getting the same version of War Thunder as their PC brethren along with some additional socialization tools native to the PS4, including the option to stream and share gameplay videos directly from the PS4.

Gaijin Entertainment hasn’t said whether the PS4 version of War Thunder will operate on the same servers that host the PC version, but I see no reason why they shouldn’t. For starters, unlike the PS3, the new PS4 is actually a PC to begin with, which should make it easier to integrate with the existing server technology. The Dual Shock controller on the Playstation is also decently suited for a flight sim game as well, although it’s unclear how War Thunder’s aiming system will be handled by the console.

For those of us with no intention of purchasing a PS4, Gaijin also revealed a short teaser trailer -if you can call it that- for their upcoming Ground Forces update which is said to bring ground warfare to players finally. It features tank treads and sparks, lots of sparks.

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  1. You can’t see why the Ps4 shouldn’t operate on the same servers as the PC version?

    Well I can see why they shouldn’t,

    Mainly all the updates done on the Ps4 have to be run trough QA of Sony. This can take anywhere from a week to a month (shorter if paid). If the Ps4 and PC operate on the same servers this would mean that every update would be “delayed”.

    A simple hot-fix to quickly fix that one overpowered X? Wouldn’t and couldn’t happen unless it was server-based.


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